Monday, March 4, 2013

Irish Paper Dolls


vintage flower fairy clip

I'm feeling kinda' blech-y today, so let's have some paper doll fun.
That's sure to cheer me up!

from 'The Victorian Bear Family.

I love his green suit and matching hat!

Next we have a vintage Katy Keene paper doll -

I found her on pinterest.

From an international doll set -

Would you like more paper dolls that are black and white and need coloring?
Let me know!

Here is a paper doll from a little booklet by Dover.
Check out their site, their addy is to the right.

There are more costumes in the paper doll book!

The next one comes from a set called "In Old New York", by Saalfield.
I have shared this book before, but I really love the green dress and cap here,
so I am sharing it again -

I found a new paper doll site that offers copies for free!!


There are many 'trojans' and virus, etc. involved with this site.
We have Kapersky Anti-virus, which captured them all,
making my downloads clean and safe.

If you go to her website and download
(she has hundreds of dolls)
make sure your anti-virus program is up and running!

That said, here is a fun vintage paper doll:


(Remember the warning I gave above.)

This charming paper doll is from a greeting card set
of international dolls, by Current.
I really love Current cards, and this one is a great one!

Today, we visit Ireland!

I have also shared this greeting card before,
but it's been awhile, so I thought you might like the Irish one
for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Fun!!

c.1921, courtesy Indiana Music Library, address to the right

Let's practice our jigs!

vintage paper doll

She would be great to make more costumes for!!

A humorous Irish Doll from Gayle Ferris:

Here's another vintage favorite of mine:

"Colleen of Ireland"

Finishing up today,
and on a personal note,
my etsy shops have seen some sales!!


Not only have I been selling my recycled junk mail bottlecap magnets,
I also sold this pretty necklace:

It's a variation on a daisy chain that I came up with myself.

Beading is such a joy!
Here are a couple of other items I have made
that are still for sale:

"Fairy Bubbles" netted hand beaded necklace

a crochet-look ruffled bracelet with marble closure -
no metal!!

"Forest Fairy Bling"
petite sized crystal beaded bracelet with magnetic closure

Lovin' the shameless advertising here!!
tee hee

I also sold a couple of my 
Collage Paper Painting fine art prints
from original paper collages,
using all recycled junk mail.

Whew, what a mouthful!

Nursery Rhyme "Baa, baa, black sheep"

With all the greens and the cottage and all,
it reminds me of Ireland.

Here is one I made, thinking of Ireland
and an old Irish Song -

"Let Me Glance at Dear Old Ireland Once Again"
vintage song
Collage Paper Painting

Well, that's it for today.
I really can't put off doing laundry any longer.
My 'craft corner' in the living room is getting to be like a
quickly reproducing amoeba or something!

Here is one of the prints I sold:

"Ocean Breezes"

That's the fun thing about selling prints -
I can make more and sell them,
so when I sell a print, I'm not 'out'!

Have a green day,

and on pinterest - kkloberdans

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