Wednesday, March 6, 2013

free Irish themed paper dolls


Today is a paper doll day!
Oh! Happy Day!!

Shamrock Care Bear

Today I will be featuring several lovely gowns from Liana.
If you love costumes, dresses, paper dolls or just looking for inspiration,
check out her blog! Recently she had a cute little baby,
so she hasn't been as active. She has a wonderful archive however.
Her site address is to the right of my blog.

This is Grace.
She will fit all the dresses that face to the right.

Here is Ivy.
She will also fit all the dresses that face right.

I first thought these next dolls were Irish,
but they're not
(look at the flag, Karen).
I like the dress anyway.

Yvonne and Juliane, with a lovely dress and 3 lace caps
Don't you think they are cute?

So, make some clothes for Yvonne and Juliane,
so they don't have to share just one!

card front by inkspiredusing Sizzix die cuts.
You can't tell in the photo, but the shoes, top trim and skirt are from textured paper.

Have you seen the Gingham's?
They were a paper doll series of the 1970's.
Here is a page of dresses for

Sarah always has dresses with green tabs.

Here is her other friend...

or are they sisters?
You decide!

Here are some other clothes from the set:

Aren't paper dolls fun??!!

1939 vintage ad,

c.1915, courtesy Indiana Music Library

and one last costume for Grace and Ivy -
See you next time!

and on pinterest:
'Golden Flower Fairy'
original Collage Art Doll
made from all recycled junk mail
and a bit of whimsy

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