Monday, February 4, 2013

Vintage Valentine Pretties, quotes and humor

"What a wonderful thing is the mail,
capable of conveying across continents
a warm human hand-clasp!"

- author unknown

Vintage Valentines are so fun!
Let's share a few today...

I have several vintage Valentines with no credits.
Some of my sources have been:

I also have found some great ones at
Lisa Vollrath's site.

I encourage you to browse these sites, and have fun!

I think many of the verses on these vintage Valentines are so wonderful!

Now, let's look at some vintage 1940's Valentines, that are also
paper dolls!
Remember, World War II was during this time...

found on

found on

found on www.printable-icio-ru

"All that matters
is what we do
for each other."

- Lewis Carroll, author

Let's take a look at some vintage song sheet graphics next -
courtesy of the Indiana University Music Libraries.
You can go straight to their site using my link to the right of this blog!

copyright 1896

c. 1914


I'd like to finish up today with one of my all-time favorite vintage photos.
Why? you ask?
Because it always makes me laugh!
I can envision an ambitious photographer,
getting his models just right,
arranging hair and clothes and props.

I haven't decided yet if it is a mother and her child,
or if they are both just models.
Now, take a look at the Cupid's face!
Symbol of Love?

This kid looks very put out!
Probably hates the ridiculous costume,
and having to make over a girl (really!)
and then having to stand still,
and have a photo taken 
again and again...
Oh, it just makes me laugh!


Have a fun day!


and pinterest too! - kkloberdans

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