Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Iris Folding and Pop-Ups

"To send a letter
is a good way to go somewhere
moving anything
your heart."

- Phyllis Theroux

free poison dart frog Valentine courtesy the Denver Zoo

Dolly Dingle in the Pictorial Review, 1942
found on

Have you discovered Robert Sabuda yet?

He is my all-time favorite pop-up paper engineer!
He has a terrific website,
and he gives away LOTS of freebie patterns
to make your own pop-up cards!
He also has a store where you can purchase signed copies of his books,
and also limited run pop-up notecards.
After reading my blog, go check him out!!!

tee hee

Here is a pop-up heart bear card from his site:

and here are the directions and patterns to print out:

For the exact directions, go to his site, and check out 'free patterns'.
He gives wonderful, detailed directions with lots of photos.

Here is a cute little bear card,
with a whole page of Valentine outfits!

I believe I got this from

Sticking with my theme of 
Paper Valentines
today, let's get some super Iris Folding going!
I find iris folding to be a great craft to do in front of the TV.
I can't just sit there, I always have to be doing something!

Here is a great, simple heart pattern:
from the Yahoo group Iris Folding

I would suggest that you pick 3 coordinating colors for the paper strips.
I usually mix solids and patterns,including dots.

Here is another, by Valerie Reynolds:

The blank heart in the corner is for you to use to cut the opening in your card
(sometimes called an 'aperture')
where the iris folding will show on front.
With this pattern I would choose 4 color groups, plus one for the arrow part.
Remember, you are laying your strips down on the
backside of the card!

For simple and easy iris folding directions, check out my blog on:
May 8, 2011

Here are a few more iris folding patterns that I have picked out
for Valentine's Day:

copyright by Elly de Rooy

Eiffel Tower pattern by Teri V.

please note the personal use only
These patterns are for enjoyment
NOT re-sale!

Here is a finished coach to go with a princess:

the finished coach with Cinderella

I think I would like to try it with an orange pumpkin coach,
with vine-y green wheels!

Here is a fun 'n easy pattern for an envelope.
Can't you just see rainbow hearts of all different sizes coming out of it?

pattern by Silvia Griffin,

free printable valentine courtesy of the Denver Zoo

In keeping with my 'paper' theme today,
here is another cute paper doll
for you to print and cut out with your favorite paper doll friend!

This is a paper doll set by Charles Ventura.
I found it at:

I find it much easier to color before you cut it out!!

and another Robert Sabuda free pop-up card:

the finished card

the card base, and directions where to place glue and tabs

butterfly wings


Here's my last one for today -

another goodie from marlendy's site

See you later!
and now on pinterest too - kkloberdans!!

'Time for Red and Gold'
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired
made from all recycled junk mail

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