Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little Green Men skipping through my dreams

Little Green Men,
skipping through  my dreams...

vintage lapel pin

I see them here,
I see them there -
I see them now, everywhere!

Little Green Men, skipping and hopping,
puffing and laughing
and dancing an Irish jig!

needle-felted leprechaun with pot o' gold

Some have funny hats, with buckles....

newborn hat,

vintage song sheet cover, courtesy Indiana Music Library, address to the right

safety pin pattern for a leprechaun and his hat

and some don't...

'Uncle Bo' hand painted gnome rock

Ben Franklin in green,


Some are hopping around -

royalty free leprechaun

I've been told they're dancing a jig!


vintage graphics

An Irish Pet Bandana!

vintage cookie cutters

I've been told that if I follow one,
I may find a pot of gold!

If I can't find a little green man,
(they're slippery little fellows)
I've been told I can follow a rainbow
to the end
and there will be a pot 'o gold!

vintage charm

Of course, you will have to outsmart him
to get any gold!
They're very protective...

vintage Leprechaun

vintage Schmidt music box

But on the whole,
they do seem to be jolly little green men!

vintage postcard

So, if you see one,
would you please tell him
to get out of my dreams!!!

having way too much fun with little green men and shamrocks,

and also on pinterest:

Seamus the Leprechaun by Boggle Boy

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