Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Few of My Favorite 2012 Things


dancing children, 1979 Poland coin celebrating International Children's Day

Please pardon my simple format today. Comcast is at it again with super s-l-o-w downloading service.
Anybody want to start up their own internet service with fast service?
Sign me up!

Here are a few of my favorite things...

I have always thought they were great animals - they are very smart, and affectionate. They also make good 'guard dogs'!

"Take courage it is I" orginal Collage Paper Painting
made from all recycled junk mail!
Bible stories!
I continue to learn from the parables and teachings of Y'shua and His disciples, and also from the scriptures in the Old Testament. There is always something new!

traditional costumes of West Assyria

Learning about new (to me) countries!
I also have this thing about international flags...

Bateaux Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Nature's beauty!
Both large, and small...
hummingbird, photo credit unknown
a 1910 Edward Curtis photo, possibly Cheyenne

Native American Indians!
I am awed by their rich history,
and so saddened by many of their conditions of today.

Fairy Tale Cottages!
I don't think I could live in such little spaces, but a craft cottage for my backyard?
Oh yeah...

a 1920's apricot silk 'flapper' dress
Cool vintage styles! I also reflect this in my collage art -
"Art Deco Flapper" original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

pincushion and real shell

Anything sea shells!
Can't get enough of them - each is unique and beautiful!
and so many design possibilities...
original design by inkspired notecard sets

and no list of favorite things would be complete without beads!!

a few of inkspired's beaded creations, for sale at a Craft Fair

My list must remain incomplete for today as my time has run out...
I look forward to sharing with you the many other
Favorite Things!
in the year to come!

and now I'm on Pinterest too!!

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