Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Mermaid Musings


"Peace" in the Malay language,
spoken in Thailand

A Thai Mermaid

Feeling in a mermaid'ish mood today!

I've been working hard in my 2 etsy shops. I've been adding items -
which involves taking photos, downloading them to my computer,
resizing as necessary (which means always!), fixing mistakes or cropping,
then pulling up the 'Add a new Item'
page on etsy. Then I fill in all these blanks about who made the item,
when, what is it, how much, shipping costs and downloading 5 photos.

Etsy really does make it very easy, it's just that it all takes time!

Here are a few of the items I have recently added to my

This is a notecard set with each of the shown cards, and blank inside.
They come with white envelopes.

I'm charging $10 for 4, plus $2.00 shipping.
If you purchase more than one item, the second shipping charge is $1.50.

What do you think? Drop me a comment!!

These are prints on glossy cardstock of a few of my Collage Art Dolls.
I also sell the 8.5" x 11" individual Collage Art Dolls.
Those are also $10.00 each, and I sign the back.

Like this one -

original Collage Art Doll fine art print by inkspired

So, I have been doing a lot of photo tweaking,
printing, cutting,and mounting on cardstock.
I have almost gone through a whole big roll of double sided tape!

I haven't made a mermaid set yet, but I will!

"Mermaid Seductress"
original Collage Art Doll fine art print by inkspired

Here is some more Mermaid Art:

a Mermaid and Snail, by the Toymaker

Check out her website - she gives fantastic FREE things to print out!!!
See sidebar for address.

Next I have a hand stamped card,
using NatureStamps for the coloring on the mermaid.
Really fun, totally different results every time you do it!!

The background swirls are from a background swap I participated in one of my Yahoo stamping groups.

Here's another one using NatureStamps:

This card was made using a 'second' printing.
That means when you ink your stamp, you make one impression.
Then, spray a little water from a fine-spray bottle onto the stamp,
and make a second impression.

You can see how the colors are softened and look more like watercolors.

A hint I would give is to spray your water into the air, and swish your inked image through that. If you spray directly with too much water it will look muddy.

This next one I tried the second stamping, using a fine mist of water.
It didn't turn out so well.
I think I didn't have enough different colors for it to really 'watercolor'.
I did go back in with a wet paintbrush and swirl around on her big seashell.

If you want to know the stamp makers of any of these stamps, just ask.
If it is marked on the stamp I can help you.
I guess I am too lazy to go upstairs and look through stamps to get the makers right now.

Let's try out a maze:

I believe this is from Dover, but am not totally sure.

Here are a few mermaid-theme dresses from Liana's blog -
be sure to take the time to go there (after finishing mine!).
The addy is on the right side bar.

A Japanese ad with Mermaid

"Ocean Frolic"
original Collage Paper Painting by inkspired
using all recycled junk mail

I LOVE this photo of
TeamSwitzerland finals, Free Combination
May, 2012
photo cred: Michael Kooren
The 2012 Olympics

Modern Day Mermaids!!!
Here's another, only this one has been a bit,
photoshopped say we say?

Yes, that's Julianne Moore and Michael Phelps!

the connection is messing up again.
Every time I think "Oh wonderful! It's fixed"
it isn't.

Lots of ComCast repair trucks in the neighborhood.....
I am suspicious....

Have fun,
until next time...


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