Friday, November 16, 2012

Hooked on Disney and Pinterest!


These are some of the ways you can say ‘Peace’ in Turkey!

In order:
Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)
Old Ottoman Turkish

credit unknown

Well, I had great hopes for today’s blog, but my computer/connection/cable is extreeeeeemely slowwwww today.


found at

I have been having fun for 2 days now with
Have you been hearing about it?
Wondering what it is?
Heard you have to have a Facebook account?

Well, in answer, you do NOT have to have a Facebook account.
It is LOADS of fun!
Here is the address:

I have made 6 different ‘boards’.
It’s a lot like making an etsy Treasury, only you are not restricted to things that are for sale, or only on etsy!

Collage Art Dolls for sale on etsy:
That's one of my etsy stores!

Think Birthday Party ideas,
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects for anything you can imagine!
Way cool photographs on numerous subjects.
(To infinity and beyond….)

Bottlecap Magnets with recycled junk mail graphics and words
My other shop!


Patterns, projects, pretty things, ugly things, unique things…..
Really too much to even begin to mention!

My boards (think corkboard/bulletin board on the wall) are:
Disney Vacation!
Paper Doll Fun
A Bookstore on the Wall
Book Shelves DIY
Bookstore Ideas
Angels old and new

On each ‘board’, I ‘pin’ items,
just like you would with a corkboard for inspiration –
it would have notes, plans, dates, ideas, photos….
and so do ‘boards’!

You can pick any photo from the internet, and 'pin' it to one of your boards.
This is one of my favorites:

Biting Mickey's Ears!

I haven’t figured out yet if it is possible to ‘pin’ a photo from your personal computer. So far I haven’t been able to.
So I will just have to share them here,
which puts them on the internet
so I can pin them!

This was taken at DisneyLand during their 50th Celebration.
Each turret had a crown on it!

A fun over-the-door sign to a fun Disney Bookstore!

The Dapper Dans - a must-see free entertainment

Picking up trash - with style!
These guys were all drummers and made the greatest music on trash cans!

A jazz trio playing in the streets of 'New Orleans'.
They played wonderful jazz, and we were the only listeners!

The whole park was filled with photo-mosaics for their 50th Anniversary.
In the bigger picture, you see Snow White and Dopey.
If you look closely, it is made up of thousands of tiny photographs!
I loved the carved frame on this one.

Here’s another:

You can kind of pick out in the second photo the idea that there are thousands of mini-photos that make up the whole!
What an art!
Okay, the internet has defeated me.
It is taking sooooo long to write this, and download pix!
I hope you've had fun!


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  1. Please save Mickey's ears. I love pitures of Disney. It is also nice seeing Micheal and you. Love the blog. I also enjoy the mermaids. I hope you computer gets fix soon. I will write to you soon. your friend glenda