Thursday, October 4, 2012

Peace, fall fashion and candy wrapper tutorial


The English word 'peace' is spoken in many countries.
Here are a few:

United States of America
United Kingdom
Trinidad & Tobago
Hong Kong

I find this time of year to be very calming and contemplative.
Today is is cloudy skies, with a light breeze.
Our high temp is to be 54' (degrees F.)

I'm listening to 'Golden Autumn 2' solo piano recordings, 2001
by Fariborz Lachini

This is a picture I took of the aspens turning gold with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop.
This was taken from the 2007 season.

My thoughts turn to changing seasons, the colors of fall, and autumn activities.

a recycled bottlecap magnet using all recycled junk mail

Here is a blog from one of my favorite bloggers -
You can get to her blog from the addy to the right of my blog.
Here is one with beautiful pumpkins:

I'm trying something new -
I write what I want to say in a Word doc,
and then I copy and paste to the blog. It speeds things up a little.

so's slower than toothpaste on a frigid morning
outside in the shack...
On to more important things….
Back to school fashions!!
I thought it would be fun to find some back to school fashions.
Of course, I have to include Liana's fantastic paper doll costumes:

Here is another doll that will fit these costumes too:

Isn't Liana just fabulous?
Oh! And here are some fashions for the guys:
Well, maybe only if you are in the Lollipop Gang!

These little fellows sure could use some fashion advice...
3 and 4 day old Masked Lovebird chicks
Jurong Bird Park, Singapore
photo cred: Wong Maye-E

This gal doesn't see the need to keep up with the latest fad.
Natural beauty is her theme:

orangutan at the Jakart Zoo
courtesy of Orangutan Outrage of Indonesia abuse
photo cred: Adek Berry

Fancy is as Fancy does…

- an old American saying

Okay, I'm giving up on doing a pretty blog. It takes too long to try and change the font, or the size or the color!

This is what I feel like when the internet/blog/whatever is so slow:

That's a raspberry with the tongue, and claws out to scratch somebody!!

Bengal Tiger Akasha dives for meat
Six Flags over California, 6/20/2012
photo cred: Justin Sullivan

Oh, and a big GRRRRRR.....

Okay, happier now that I've been open with my feelings...


Back to fashion!!!
Here is a great example of recycling Starburst (candy) wrappers into fashion:

You can find her tutorial here:

Feeling more adventurous?
Here are some samples from

Keep in mind, this is ALL PAPER!

Youth Eco-Dress 2000

Check it out! There's more!
Here's another called
Junk Mail Fan Dress, by Nancy Judd:

I'm thinking fall dances....proms....homecomings....

Isn't imagination a wonderful thing!

Here is an embroidery pattern to get started on.
You could put this on the corner of place mats,
and just do part of the pine cone and branch for napkins.
Wouldn't this look great on a sweatshirt?
Or a denim shirt?
Why not practice on the bottom of a pair of jeans?!

That's the only credit I have for this pattern. Is it perhaps from turkeyfeathers?
If you know, let me know so I can give proper credit.

Well, I have several things to get caught up on; I have been down almost a week with a severe flare-up of fibromyalgia.

I am now listening to:  'Adoration' solo piano album, c. 2007 by David Nevue.
Another great listen!

Let's close with this charming little vintage clip Dutch boy:

I'm sorry, I do not know the source of this, other than it is vintage,
which should make it public domain.
I think.

check out my new Collage Paper Paintings,
and some new Collage Art Dolls:

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