Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween goodies and vintage graphics


"peace" in the Yoruba language, spoken in Nigeria

Nigerian children
no photo creds

Peace and welcome to you!

Are things getting a bit
for you lately?

Are you hearing things that go
in the night?

c.1893 song sheet cover courtesy of Indiana Music Library

Well then, it must be close to

Let's have some Halloweenie fun today!

vintage clip art, probably from Dover publications

Have you made up a batch of safety pin pins?
Here's a great 'skelly':

note the copyright info and internet address above

Why not make up a batch for your Halloween party at school?

or co-workers


You can find my tutorial in earlier blogs.
Just enter in "safety pin tutorial" in the search box, and it should come up.

Twyla Twitch sister
original Collage Art Doll using all recycled junk mail
by inkspired

We have a Fall Festival at our church every year.
It's a great, safe place to bring the kids,
get loads (and I do mean gobs) of candy and cake
and play some really cool games.

We also have a cake walk.
I have been trying to decide which one I'm going to make this year.
In the past I made a treasure chest cake...
the lady that won it was sooooo excited
because her son's birthday was the next day!
That made me really happy.

insert pic here....

only I couldn't find one!
So here is a substitute picture for you:

This super treasure chest cake is from

For mine, I used a purchased pound cake and cut the top 1/3 off.
Then I frosted it all with chocolate frosting (canned)
and piped on the 'parts' like the straps.
I also used yellow and brown colored M&Ms for the tacks/rivets, etc. and 
the pre-packaged frosting-in-a-tube I get at my grocery store.
It comes with 4 different tips, and is super easy to use.
Then I added the 'treasure'.
There were gold chocolate coins, yellow M&Ms shaped into a 'gold' necklace with gumdrop jewels, asst. candy jewelry; things like that.
place the top (frosted) 1/3 of the pound cake on top.
I propped mine up with gold coins to make it stay open.
I wanted everything edible.
I placed it on a sturdy (recycled) cardboard 'tray', covered with foil.
Add various 'jewels', candy jewelry, gold coins spilling out of the chest and onto the tray base.

Here are a couple of ideas from
Better Homes & Gardens.
They have a great web site with LOTS of ideas and recipes.
If you need more detailed instructions, just go to their site!

Black Cat Cupckakes

Dotty Halloween cupcakes
or why not use the same idea and make it a big two layer cake?

Fall Cake with Lollipops

Now, why not take the above idea, and add some Halloween pizazz?
Instead of clear lollies, why not use some of those pre-made lollipops that have jack o' lantern faces on them?
Really cool Halloween fun!

c.1904 song sheet cover graphics

Here are some really cute placemats to color,
courtesy of Jan Brett.
If you don't get her newsletter, it is easy to sign up and you get
things every month!

courtesy Jan Brett

Here is another fun coloring project from Jan:

courtesy Jan Brett

Well, that's it for today!
Hope you got some great last-minute ideas for
a Fun End of October!!

vintage postcard, courtesy Dover Books


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