Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fun blog stats with Flowers, Easter Eggs and more!


'Peace' in the Dari language
spoken in the United Arab Emirates and Iran
Vintage illustration showing a game of draughts-
listed as 'Arabian' but most likely 'Turkey',
see upper left in illustration.

I have had some fun this morning looking over my 'blog stats'.
I've learned some surprising things,
and some interesting things.
Let's explore!

bottlecap magnet- using all recycled junk mail- by inkspired

First, I have my blogs that have been big hits in the year 2012, so far.
My number one most popular blog for this time period
(of the past 8 months)
drum drolllllllll......

Brunei: Small country with a long history

I guess there are at least 7,198 people that also didn't know much about

Brunei housing for the lower classes

I found out that people like my blogs on Nursery Rhymes.

I have done 16 blogs that are tagged
'Nursery Rhyme'

Since Jan 1, 2012, my second most popular blog is:
'Nursery Rhyme Time with Hickory Dickory Dock'

2,594 people have looked at that blog!!

If we look at the most hits since I have started doing Nursery Rhymes,
we find an all time high of
10,057 page hits!

You guys really flatter me - thanks!

a scherenschnitte cutting of Mother Goose by inkspired
using a Dover frame

Back to 2012, frequent hits included

Snow White and the Huntsman....2,152
More Cinderella Glamour...1,790
Time for another Hula Day...1,392

detail of a painting by Scott Gustafson,
one of my all-time favorite artists!

Let's take a peek at some all-time highs specific blogs:

I have written 22 blogs on Easter Egg,
and 19 blogs come up for Easter Eggs.
(I am sure there's overlap there!!)

Sugar Easter Egg Ornaments
sorry, I don't have a photo credit

Easter Egg-cellent, written 4/13/2011 has had 10,083 hits so far!
more on Easter Eggs later....

Cows, Hot Dogs and Ice Cream Days, (7/16/2011) has 29,445 hits so far!

My next most popular blog, after Easter Eggs, is
Is it time for Cherry Blossoms? with 77,839 hits!!
and I continue to get many hits every week!

I am so roll-y-eyed-crazy-head flattered!

handpainted stemware www.HandPaintedPetals.etsy.com

Thank you to all who have shared my blogs with other people.

Cherry Blossoms for Spring (7/14/11) has had
12,139 hits!

That's a lot of cherry blossoms...

c. 1917 song sheet cover

The Language of Flowers have become a popular series of blogs I've written.

I have done 24 blogs on different flowers,
a bit of their history, and what the flower meant in the Victorian Age.

The Language of Flowers - Water Lily (7/17/2011) has had
22,445 page hits so far.

Other flowers featured in the Language of Flowers series have included:

8,721 page hits - Apple Blossom Promises (5/26/11)
7,875 page hits - The Language of Flowers - Pansy (5/27/11)
6,128 page hits - A Sunny Delphinium July Day (7/8/11)

vintage clip art courtesy of Dover Books

You can find 45 blogs listed when you search for 'Barbie'.

You can find 31 blogs when you search for 'Mermaid'.

'Ocean Treasure Jewelry' Collage Art Doll
by inkspired using all recycled junk mail

Well, I don't want to bore you-all too much!

My final stat is
More Easter Egg Fun (4/16/11) which has had, so far,

94,556 page hits.


and I get a page or more hits every day, still.

I am flattered,
and humbled
and excited
and awe-struck
and inspired
you get the idea!

And I couldn't do it without all of you readers!


I so enjoy sharing with you all the thoughts that crowd in my brain,
shouting to get out.
You can see, also, why I am so frustrated with the incredible slowness of writing/posting my blog, due to
internet provider speed?
Blogspot speed?
We still haven't been able to pin down the problem.

bottlecap magnet made from all recycled junk mail
by inkspired

Time to stop bragging I suppose.
It was fun though!

Future blogs I am working on:

Nursery Rhyme - 3 blind mice
a series on American Native Americans (USA and Canada),
including Cheyenne, Apache, and Choctaw
Gypsies, and Gypsy Wagons
Language of Flowers - Forget-me-nots and Alaska
the Orange blossom and Florida
the hummingbird (as requested by Glenda)

See you then!


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