Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Memories with a bit of Nessie


'Peace' in the Nhengatu Native language, spoken in Brazil

'Brasilia' 7/3/12
photo cred: Ueslei Marcelino

Hello there!
It's been a stressful week for us, so I haven't been able
to carve out the time to post much recently. Sorry about that.

Summer is waning. I see yellow leaves on many trees now.
School has started for most of the Colorado schools.
Our neighborhood is quieter now.
Sometimes that's nice.
But I really don't mind the sound of children playing nicely.

illustration by Kate Greenaway

Here is a nice paper doll set of Marisole - a 'sporty girl':

I always hated it when teachers would ask on the first day of school:
"So, what did you do this summer?"

Many times my answer would be:
"I moved".

How can I sum up all the things I did during the summer?
I figured the teachers didn't want to hear:

I spent hours playing with clover, and making clover chains.

My friends and I went to the Lousville Pool and I got planter's warts,

Glenda and I went rolling down the hills of the Southeast Theological Seminary's grounds.

My sister was actually nice to me one day,
and we made 'tea' out of warm water and lemon drops
and had a tea party using the miniature china tea set we had.

Laura and I made gazillions of little bugs and butterflies
and other super fun stuff from our 'goop' maker.

My grandmother made some clothes for my Barbies.
Then she showed me how to do it myself.

Nah, I would have never said any of that.
I mean, really, how embarrassing!

Other kids in my classes would say
"We took a trip to _____________
(fill in the blank with some great sounding destination.)

"We visited my cousins in ___________
(fill in the blank with some great sounding destination.)

You get the idea!!!

vintage ad

let's see what others have been up to this summer!

photo taken November, 2011

George Edwards, a local fisherman and "Nessie" searcher,
took one of the most viable, authentic photos of Nessie to date.
aka....'The Lock Ness Monster'.
so called because it is in the Loch Ness in Great Britain,
along the Great Glen which divides the North of Scotland
from Inverness to Fort William; 
and because there have been sightings reported there
for centuries.

You can check out the 'official' web site here:

Iris Folded card of a 'sea monster'
by Debbie Fagin, 2012

I have been able to create several new collage paper paintings.

Here is a sneek peak at a few that I haven't listed yet:

"A Stroll Through Cantebury Park"
original collage paper painting by inkspired

"Marzipan Ballerina"
original collage paper painting by inkspired
made from all recycled junkmail

"Romeo's Stolen Kiss"
original collage paper painting by inkspired
made from all recycled junk mail
(as are all of my paper paintings and Collage Art Dolls)

So, what have YOU been up to?

It's been awhile since I have had any comments on my blog,
why don't you comment, today?
It really is very simple, and you don't have to sign up or anything.

vintage Wee Wisdom magazine cover

Well, it's that time again, when,
after spending an hour and 20 minutes to type and post this simple blog
(gggrrrrrrrr....... boo Yahoo)
( Windows Internet Explorer)
I have to get ready and go run some errands.

The laundromat destroyed one of my Mom's jackets.
It was a very nice memory, and also looked great on me.
The laundromat lady, Mary, has been very sympathetic
and really very nice.
I'm not angry or anything - what would that change?
I'm just sad.

So, here is something to finish up on an upbeat note:

vintage hula dolls for sale at
Now, who can't smile now?

Let's all feel peaceful today!


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  1. Yes Karen.
    I remember days we would do things together. They were fun. I to didnt do much over the summers. we alwasy stayed at home. I always wanted to go to different places but didnt. I remember your bay window that you had in your room. Or your Moms cooking. If any one reading this stay close to your friends. and the good things you all shared. Karen is my best friend for years.