Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fanciful Homes and their Paper Dolls


'peace' in Siswati, spoken in South Africa and Swaziland

This is a pattern for a beaded safety-pin pin.

I am starting to feature the countries that

   a.  are readers of my blog                         
b.  are participants in the 2012 Olympics

It should be fun!

Nothing fancy, just a little pattern for a pin
or a coloring fact sheet

Now on to fanciful houses
and the *imagined residents of some of them!
*(aka paper dolls)

'Garden Conservancy Open Gardens'

'Ladya' would possibly wear her first gown to a country function -
perhaps a dinner party with card games afterward.
The second dress might be a morning dress that she would wear when
visiting her sister in London, or double as a gown for a country masked ball.

a dollhouse created from paper will recreate your home!

'Bungalow Cottage'

West King Edward Street, Vancouver, Canada
circa 1941, built perhaps by William H. James

This cottage could perhaps be like the one that Cinderella grew up in?
Can't you see Leslie Anne Warren sitting in the cinders, by the fireplace?

found at

I believe this is a Thomas Kincaid 1940's cottage.

Now let's check out some Hansel and Gretel type cottages!
They lived in the forest....

'Fairy Tale Cottage Home in the forest'

Arthur Rackham's Hansel, Gretel and the Witch

This house is actually called the 'Hansel and Gretel House'.
You can find it in California, USA.

a Kay Nielsen illustration, courtesy Dover Books

Here is another home called
'Witches House' in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

a felt doll house found on etsy

Next are some 'city' fanciful homes:

unknown names and sources

Perhaps these lovely sisters lived in one of them:

I'll share half today, and half tomorrow.
I don't want to 'over whelm' you, but mostly

I will not write a book
I will not write a book
I will not write a book
Happy, Michael?


courtesy of OrigamiBears - THANKS!!

Tomorrow I will have 3 more pages of costumes.

'Wistful Manor'
rock painting by

Have a super-duper day!
Thanks again to all my readers in South Africa.
Good luck at the Games.


'Princess in Yellow'
Collage Art Doll by inkspired,
created exclusively from junk mail

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