Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Rhythms


"peace" in the Aymara dialect, spoken in Bolivia
(the 'n' has a little curve thingy on top of it.)
I don't think my keyboard will let me put it where it belongs, but you get the idea

Quechua boy and girl near Ollantaytambo, Bolivia

I still have lots of summer fun things to share,
so today we will share some

You may have kids in your life that are getting pretty darn bored by now;
it's hot outside, it's humid inside, it may be rainy,
it may be smoky or flooded;
but either which way you look at it,

Well, let's give them some things to do!

I have shared many 'how-to-draw' pages in my past blogs.
Here is another one:

compliments of Dover Books

Why not put together a picture with all your family in it?
You can easily adapt any of the 'how-to-s to fit your family.
Don't forget to include pets, and maybe even extended family.
Take a picture of your finished picture, or scan it,
and I will be happy to publish it here!

If you can't go to the beach due to flooding
or smoke, or pollutions, why not make a beach inside!

You'll need:
a beach blanket or two
beach towels
a large sheet
swimsuits or cabana wear
flip flops
big pots, buckets, spoons, measuring cups
colorful bath toys
beach party music
picnic lunch
dried beans or dried rice

flower leis and grass skirts
plastic child's wading pool
broom or mop
2 chairs and pillows

thanks again OrigamiBears

Now, let's spread out the beach blankets on the floro.
Add some colorful beach towels
and maybe some potted plants you might have, around the outer edge.

note the wading pool, and fun toys!

Make your own beach torches:

buckets of sand, dirt or dried rice or dried beans
large pillar type candle, optional coconut or pineapple scented

Fill the buckets with sand, or any of the other suggested ingredients, about 1/2 way. Nestle into the center the large pillar candle. Be sure the height of the candle is not above the rim of the bucket.
Place the candle deep enough so it will not wobble over.

fun extras:
After placing your candle bucket 'torches' around the outer perimeter of your blankets/beach area, you can decorate the outsides of the buckets with large, bright silk flowers, like hibiscus.
If you have straw baskets, put the buckets into the baskets!

The rules are,
no one is allowed off the beach, unless it is to go to the
'beach' house for a restroom break!
The candle torches are the outer limit.

The Merrie Monarch Event
Hawaiian dance competition

Just a little note here,
I have tried publishing this blog for 2 days now.
I have written it 3 times.
Blogger keeps freezing it right when I am ready to publish.
So, if that happens again, you will probably only see part of my blog.
The rest is lost in blogspot outer space I supposed.
To say the very least,
I have been very frustrated.
Saying nice things.....

It's time to get dressed into your beach fashions!
If you haven't already, go back a blog or two and see how
to make your own flower leis, bracelets and anklets!

To add, you can use the same technique, but when you have your string of flowers, wind it around a headband for a beautiful floral crown.

Bhutan women dressed for festival

' Sunshine Fairy' original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

Let's not forget the guys!
You could go Tarzan-style beach wear:

biography by Philip Jose Farmer

tee hee

Let's make some grass skirts!

old dresses or skirts that can be cut up
or men's ties
or old scarves or bandanas
large grocery-type paper bags
packing tape OR sewing machine
green crayons, markers or post paint

Cut off the waistband from the skirt, or from an old dress.
Cut extra strips of fabric if you have extra, about 3 ' 4" wide, and as long as you can make them.

Get out the paper grocery bags. Cut them to lay flat.
turn the printed side down.
If you want a green grass skirt, now's the time!
Grab your green crayons
or green markers
or green post paint
and paint the blank side of the grocery bags as much or little as you desire.
After drying (if needed) start from the bottom of the paper bags (which is really the 'top' if it were still a bag).
Let's cut!
cut long strips to about 3" - 4" from the top.
Keep cutting until all your bags are done this way.
You need enough to go around the waist of each person that wants a grass skirt. Guys or Gals are great!

Man's grass skirt -

If you have a sewing machine, put in an old needle
and sturdy sewing thread. On the longest stitch available,
make 2 rows for gathering.
Pull threads to slightly gather.

If you don't have a sewing machine, you can just finger fold some of the top of the paper bag grass skirt.

For extra durability, put tape (packing tape is perfect) to hold the gathers in place, or to cover the thread.

Next: your waistband that will tie the skirt onto you!
Using the cut off waistband from a dress or skirt,
plus the extra strip or two of extra cloth;
or old scarves/bandanas tied together to fit around the waist,
plus extra for tying,
place on top (front side) of your grass skirt.
Hot glue the scarves in place.
Be sure you have enough hanging off each end to make a bow.
Now you can tie on your skirt and get dancing!

hot glue extra silk flowers to the top of your skirt!

'Sashay with Dog' original collage art doll by inkspired

Well, all that candle torch making
and grass skirt coloring
not to mention cutting all those strips...
I think it is time to eat!!

Have a picnic lunch on the blankets.
DO NOT GET UP to go to the kitchen!
Make it a true picnic where if you forgot something at home
you just make do with what you have.

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, Coney Island, NY

What? You have no wading pool?
(neither do I!)
Scale it all down!
Use a large washtub, or one of those
under-the-bed storage boxes.
Do you have a laundry basket that is 12" high, or lower with solid sides?  That will work too.
Don't forget step one:
Put a large sheet down first.

Now fill your large box with some bags of dried beans or dried rice.
This is now your 'sand'!
Explore you kitchen cupboards and bathroom toy stash,
you will find many things you can fill, pour, and scoop.

If your kids are really wound up, try dancing some more!

Let's play "Limbo"!

You need:
2 chairs, set about 4 feet apart
a broomstick or mop or other long stick
beach music

Place pillows on chairs.
Place mop (or other long stick) on top, making sure both ends are on the two top pillows.
If you have a beanbag, or a bag of dried beans, this is perfect to put on top of the stick, to help hold it in place.
Now, put the music on, and let's 'walk' under the stick.
Everybody can do that?
Now remove one pillow from each chair, lowering the stick.
Try it again!
Keep repeating until you have a winner.
Winner get a slice of fresh pineapple with a maraschino cherry!
Oh,might as well finish up the pineapple,
so now everyone gets a slice!

Whew! I'm tired.
Time for a little beachy nap in the ....indoor lighting!

Vincent Van Gogh painting

I have more Beach Party Fun Things To Do,
but I am not trusting Blogger to publish what I have so far,
so I will try to publish for you now.
I'll try to have a MORE Summer Rhythms tomorrow,
if blogger will let me.



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