Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot Babes and Summer Lawns


'Peace' in the Pali language, spoken in India

a cut Indian Rupee coin, c.1946 www.petsalad.etsy.com

Today has been cooler, only up to 97'!
Our grass in the back crunches when you walk on it.
We have been watering only the front, and my 2 little flower gardens
3x per week. The grass has lots of big brown spots.
With all the fires in Colorado,
I just can't justify having a green lawn and using all that water.
'They' are predicting water shortages this coming year,
as the water sources have been contaminated with soot, etc.
Might as well start conserving now!

courtesy Dover books, web site to the right

I have been learning about the Philippines recently.
But today's blog needs to be a short one, as it is later in the day.
let's have some summer paper dolls, okay?

Here is 'Augusta', by Anita Tiderman

Next up is 'Beach Babe' by Mary Reo

A couple of my original Collage Art Dolls -

'Orange Shades'

'Peachy Keen'

'Santa Monica Diet'

Next we have a very 'cool' gown from Liana's Blog.
It is a re-creation of a gown that Ginger Rogers wore
as a showgirl in
'Gold Diggers of 1933'

Most of the other paper dolls today I have are via OrigamiBears.
Her website is to the right.

Well, time for me to go.
Hope you have some good paper and ink for your printer!!!


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