Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Meanderings


'Peace' in Japanese

vintage clip Geisha courtesans, Japan

Today I went through some of my 'future blog' stuff.
I browsed through some documents, pictures...
today just seems to be a 'meandering' day, rather than any one topic!!
So, let's wander our way in -

"Put silk on a goat
it's still a goat."

- Irish proverb

This next clip is a fascinating piece of American History,
re-enacted very very well -

vintage WWII recruiting poster for the Army Air Forces

Did you like that? I sure did when it was sent to me!

"'re just as big or small
as your vision is,
and if you've a mind to work
 and make something of yourself,
you can do it."

- from The Day Breakers, by Louis L'Amour, western fiction novelist


number of cars destroyed during the filming of
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
according to director Michael Bay.

Welcome to MONGOLIA
one of the recent countries to view my blog!

traditional  head dress, Mongolia

Up next is one of my favorite beverages -

Now doesn't a tall cold glass of root beer sound wonderful?


"Kind thoughts,
Kind words,
Kind deeds -
how brightly they shine in memory."

- Mary Anderson

Did you know that there will be
pieces of sporting equipment waiting for athletes
at the 30th Summer Olympic Games,
starting July 27th in London?

That includes:
356 pairs of boxing gloves
510 adjustable hurdles
600 basketballs
2,700 soccer balls
26,400 tennis balls

and just who gets to count all those tennis balls
for the requisition order?!?

vintage photo card of boxer Humery

vintage French rugby card

vintage tennis card

and now for one of my all time favorite quotes,
from Grandma Moses:

"If I hadn't started painting,
I would have raised chickens."

- Grandma Moses

Who is Grandma Moses you ask?
Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson Moses)
at the age of 76
had to give up her embroidery career due to agonizing arthritis in her hands.
So she took up painting.
She had no formal artistic training, and her paintings remained simplisitic.

found at

she had lots of life memories to draw on-
and she painted her memories.
Grandma Moses was the mother of five children
and 5 more that all died in childbirth.
Her paintings reflect the kind and thoughtful people that surrounded her,
the joys of simple daily life
and the natural beauty in her surrounding landscapes.
A life disappearing in today's hurly burly life.

Grandma Moses found at

She was born before Lincoln took office
and died the year JFK was inaugurated.
She painted thousands of paintings,
25 of them after she turned 100 years old!
By the age of 100 her paintings were worth $10,000 -
now they go for a million or so.

"The Pond" by Grandma Moses

Here is a wonderful song/singer
Jai McDowall
singing Bring me to life,
from Britain's Got Talent tv series:

Lovely voice coming from someone who seems genuine and down-to-earth.

'Bouder, Colorado Casual'
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

Here is an artist from Armenia,
Arto Tuncboyaciyan
singing "Ararat"

Mount Ararat, Armenia with the Khor Virap monastry in front

 "Earth and sky, woods and fields,
lakes and rivers,
the mountain and the sea,
are excellent schoolmasters,
and teach some of us more
than we can ever learn from books."

- John Lubbock

2012 NASA photo credit: Norman Kuring

A fun coloring page from Jan Brett -

'Orange Sherbert' original Collage Art Doll

Well, all good things must come to an end
(who said that anyway?)
and so I must say good bye for today!

Keep Cool!


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