Friday, July 20, 2012

Dreamy summer cottages


'peace' in the Turkish language

Hagia Sohia, known as 'The Blue Mosque'

I'm dreaming of summer cottages today.
Little get-aways with fairy-tale features.
I'm thinking words like

I'm thinking
thatch roof
rock siding
interesting gardens
woodland creatures

Let's get started!

'storybook cottage' England

"Some say you will be old enough
to start reading fairy tales

- C. S. Lewis

I have several cottages and homes that I have no information about.
I really tried to find the name of the cottage,
or the country that the cottage was in.
I apologize for those that reamain unknown.
If you know anything about any of the cottages,
please let me know so I can give credit to them.

The size of the fence/tree and leaves makes me think this is a miniature.

"All that you see or seem,
is but a dream within
a dream."

- Edgar Allan Poe

"Hansel Cottage"

There's just something about crooked fireplaces,
and stone steps....

"Hansel Cottage"
built about 1925, in Carmel, California

"Invent your world.
Surround yourself with people,
color, sounds,
and work that nourishes you."


A cottage teahouse

In my dreamy cottage world,
I have included teapots
and miniatures
and doll houses.
All to inspire me....

crocheted English country cottage, found on etsy

Japanese vintage teapot, http://www.theporcelainowl.etsy/

"Come along inside...
We'll see if tea and buns
can make the world a better place."

- Kenneth Grahame, 'Wind In The Willows'

miniture cottage teapot, about 1 1/4" high by C. Rohal

Sometimes 'cottage' can mean different things,
to different people.
Perhaps the 35 room 'cottage'
is smaller than their home, with 142 rooms?

'Wedding Cake' house, Maine, USA

a cottage style home

another cottage style home

Oh yes, my cottage will have at least one turret!
But probably not as big as this one....

stamped card by Tyra Smith, using Stampscapes stamps

"Sometimes we have the dream
But we are not ourselves
Ready for the dream.
We have to grow to meet it."

- Louis L'Amour, 'The Lonesome Gods'

"Stone Cottage"
This is a paper house made by

Perhaps you would like to try cutting out your cottage?
Here are some fun scherensnitte patterns for you to try:

From the BackStreet Designs book 'The Spotted Farm'.
You can include or delete as many of the 'spots' as you want!

Let's finish up with a few 'rock' cottages -

'Misty Meadow Elfin Cottage'

That's it for today!
I have lots and lots more cottages to share at another time!
See you soon....


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