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Snow White and the Huntsman

A response to the Denver Post's film critic -Lisa Kennedy- and her review of

Snow White and the Huntsman

I just read a film critique of the above movie, in the Denver Post.
You may remember from 2 days ago that I recommended this film!

So, let me recommend it again.
Film critics must get very jaded, after having to watch so many films to keep their jobs.  You have to review the good along with the bad.
I think sometimes the 'artsy' gets in the way of just enjoying a good movie.
Sometimes the critic will even fill the review with esoteric language
 that is simply not used by today's public,
 much less the masses that most films cater to.
Again, it must be hard to write film review after film review.
I don't have that problem as no one has ever offered me money
just to watch a film and then record my reactions!

Is this the tale that we are so familiar with?
The wonderful Disney animated fairy tale?

Well.... no.
Yes, there is a Snow White born to a mother who had longed for children.
She is sewing, and pricks her finger and 3 drops of blood fall on the fresh snow.
She makes a wish.....
and 9 months later (we presume) they have baby Snow White.

a Disney coloring page for you to color!

I really like how the movie portrays this.
It is a scene that gets trampled on by many interpretations.
But seeing Snow White so beloved by her mother is a key element,
as it shows that she knew what being loved is.

vintage color clip from the 1940's, courtesy of

Often the death of Snow White's father is skimmed over
or even just used as a footnote.
Snow White and the Huntsman
it is shown graphically, and is well portrayed by Charlize Theron
as the Wicked StepMother.
A wide-eyed little 9 year old Snow White sees her father dead.
A little too graphic for the small ones, but so well done  -
and you definitely want to see this queen go down!

copyrighted image, but not sure where I gathered it from

I'm skimming over the really cool computer graphics that are used for a fantastic black army made out of .....
shards of black glass stuff.
Really cool.
Done well.

The next part of the story line I will admit is pretty weak.
Most movie adaptations just don't really show this anyway-
how Snow White grows from a 9 yr. old innocent
to a grown woman 'of age'.
Our Kristen Stewart Snow White is locked in a tower.

Universal Pictures
The starkness and cruelty is identifiable,
but honestly,
where did she get that dress?
Who fed her?
Wouldn't she be pretty weak and sickly?
To cover that ground the director has mady Snow White dirty.
Now, watch that thinking.
I mean she has dirt on her face and her fingernails
like she has been scrabbling in the charcoal for a loooong time.
So, she can't spare a few drops of water to wash her face?
Okay, I can deal with that. I mean, I do have an imagination...
and I think movies should let us do more with our imagination.
I can visualize a murder without seeing it.
I can visualize a brutal beating....without seeing all the blood and gore.
But that's another blog!

balloon centerpiece, May 8, 2009

So, Snow White escapes.
Let me just mention here that there is absolutely one of the creepiest characters ever that features in the movie.
Really creepy. I found myself grimacing in the dark.
I don't understand where Ms. Kennedy says the film
'falls flat after the opening narration'.
The Brothers Grimm would have been proud of all the creepiness!

Monument of the Brothers Grimm in the market place
Hanau Hessen, Germany
Sculptor Syrius Eberle, 1895

All the while the Evil Stepmother continues to change into
one gorgeous costume after another,
whines to the FANTASTIC mirror on the wall
and ends up doing other random, but really cool/evil things.
Verrrrry satisfying!

 vintage coloring page,unknown source

Charlize Theron as a perfect Evil Stepmother Queen!
So, we have Snow White running through the forest.
An especially grim forest.
(pun intended!)
She meets up with one of the best trolls
I have seen on the movie screen I think!

found at

I just HAD to include this photo because I think it is so cool!
And yeah, she still has a dirty face
....and those fingernails....

No little romp in the woods with sweet birds
and charming little bunnies for this Snow White...

Rachel Weisz Snow White ad

No time for dress-up either....

'Amy Lynn', 1985, artist Pat Stall

No really cool gown either for this poor Snow White....
( I like this one if she had worn it!)

and you know I have to fit a Barbie in somewhere...

Barbie as Snow White

In Snow White and the Huntsman Snow is in the same costume,
with a minor adjustment,
throughout most of the movie.
Too bad, but it fits the storyline.
Fortunately, there's that evil stepmother's humongous wardrobe...

note the metal finger guards...
No really cute little animals either...

Rachel Weisz,

sorry, don't know where this cute dot to dot came from

On to the Huntsman!
The Huntsman from Disney's Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

He is not the Queen's evil henchman as so many movies portray.
A nice touch I think. Makes the rest of the movie more believable.
He's just a man drowning in grief
and thinking drinking and self destruction is the way to escape it.
Silly man.
He portrays the 'angst' really well.

Universal Pictures promo

There's a great scene when the seven dwarves
 find Snow White, and the Huntsman.

a Thomas Kinkade cross stitch pattern

It looks nothing like the above scene,
or the next one below!

The dwarves aren't like the Disney ones either!!
Walt Disney's Seven Dwarfs

I'm trying not to give too much away here,
but the dwarves are great!
Each one has character that the script tries to bring out,
in a short (pun!) time.
Ms. Kennedy, I disagree with you.
I like the dwarves!

promo picture
and yes, there are 8, but the movie gets into that

The CG is truly wonderful for these guys.
Their shortness, in spite of the actor's heights, is well done.

unknown source - if you know, tell me and I will credit properly

There's a lovely scene that I won't spoil for you.
It does involve a Garden of Eden type place
so beautiful
and there are fairies, so you know I'm gonna' like that!

Snow White and the Dwarves by my FAVORITE ARTIST of the moment
Scott Gustafson!
found at cobble hill puzzles

No really cool cottage,
 but I forgive them for that, with that WOW Garden scene.
Too bad though, maybe Snow White could have washed her face
and what's up with the nail thing?
I guess she is still digging in the charcoal?

Well, the rest of the story gets a bit unbelievable, I suppose.
The wonderful Garden is invaded by the Wicked Queen's army.
Snow White and the Huntsman scrabble off to a duke's castle.
She dies.

a Japaese Snow White and evil queen disguised

That' part's okay.
Actually, pretty icky when you think about it,
but well done.

source unknown

how to draw Snow White

FINALLY Snow White gets a change of costume.
Too bad she only wears it for 2 short scenes.
Then it's off to battle the Wicked Queen's army!
Oh yes, and Prince Charming has been involved for a little while.

No, not that one!


from Shrek, found at


Universal Pictures promo

Okay, personal bias here,
but this is NOT the Prince Charming of my dreams...
yet it does ease us into the next part of the movie....

The BIG Fight!

Kristen Stewart finally gets another costume change -
into Joan of Arc, Lord of the Rings type armour.

I will agree with you here Ms. Kennedy,
Kristen Stewart does not pull this part off well.
I like the movie,
I'm into the plot variations,
I'm loving the computer graphics,
the stunning make-up changes,
and then
there's Snow in Armor.
A moderately unbelievable Snow White.
Kristen just isn't intense enough or something.
I would give her a few more years of acting and I think she could nail it then....

But not this time.
She really tried to come alive for the motivational speech she gives,
but she spends too much time in the rest of the movie brooding,
being full of angst for her dead father,
scowling and looking, well, a bit blank.
Not really the kind of gal that would go for a suit of armor,
hop onto a war horse,

(which I just want to mention here that she has been in a tower
for the past 10 years or so. Is horseriding like bicycling?
It'll come back to you?)

shout 'follow me!'
and the 'good' army charges after her!
Somehow they couldn't do it without her...
I guess it is those persistently dirty fingernails that charmed them...

found at

And there she is...charging off to war!
or, ummmm...
trotting off to war?

I won't give away any more, although the ending would be nothing without Charlize Theron's Evil Queen scenes.
Really super cg and make-up again.

Well, I hope I have intrigued you enough to want to see it.
I hope I haven't given too too much away,
but just enough to tempt.
And if you are into costume design
Also those of you who are into serious make-up art, don't miss this one!

see you soon!

NO! Not THAT one.....

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