Friday, May 18, 2012

Altered Paper Doll Part II long overdue

I found this blog as a draft, and realized I never posted it.
Sorry for the delay, but have fun with it today!

"Boo" altered paper doll by inkspired

Altered Paper Doll Part II:

It's time to get out the sticky stuff - Tacky glue, rubber cement, double sided tape, regular tape, strapping tape, PPA. You may only need one.

Tip: for all paper gluing projects, I prefer dabs of Aleene's Tacky Glue. It comes in a brownish gold bottle and is sold at craft stores, like Hobby Lobby.

"Brigitte, Dark Angel" altered paper doll by inkspired

It's time for another treasure hunt!
This time - look for paper scraps. You should have an idea of a theme for your paperdoll by now. Dig into your pile of magazines and catalogs.
You are looking for words or letters or phrases that your paperdoll would like to feature.
You are looking for fun printed textures, such as an ad with a closeup of a fabric, or a photo of the sea. You can use these for making your own budget 'clothing' line!
Bits of leftover scrapbooking paper and scraps of lace are a great addition.
Don't forget - you can use copies or original paper doll clothes!

TIP: VivaLasVegasStamps carries Miracle Tape (double sided) in several widths. It's the one I use all the time. Be prepared to be dazzled!

Make your doll base, if you haven't already.

Good sources for recycled bases:
  old paper dolls
  cardboard shirt inserts
  cardboard inserts from calendars
  stiff cardstock
  thin wood, like balsa
  cereal boxes, or other boxes made from thin cardboard

Lay your doll base down on a scrap of paper or craft mat. Get out those 'body' clippings, and gathered treasures. Play with combinations. Do you want arms? What position? Are you adding embellishments to the head? Do you want a head?! Have fun. Step outside your safe creativity and go for wild!

courtesy Dover Publications Free clip-art weekly

Here are more examples for you to peruse (such a great word!):

detail from my altered paper doll 'Computer Cutie #1'

detail from my altered paper doll 'Judge Judy Pals - Paula Abdul'

Of course, your doll will look completely different!

You can add as much paper scrap and found treasure you like. Keep in mind if you add heavier items, you will need a very sturdy base. with buttons, eyelets, grommets, brads, silk flowers, sewing fasteners,
brass charms, small gaming pieces- dice or?, mini paper flowers, silk leaves...


"Art is important.
The Artist is the person who dreams out loud."
....Yolanda M. Lopez

TIP: For heavier or bulky items you can use strapping tape. This tape has fibers throughout it. For a finished look, be sure to affix something over the tape to hide it - OR let it become an element of your doll!

back of my altered paper doll 'Spring Floral'

front of my altered paper doll 'Spring Floral'

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I'm getting ready to go see Michael in a few 'play-lets'.
Our church is putting on a Neil Simon Play
of course I have forgotten the title
it is based on the book of Job -
the title character name is Joe Benjamin.
Very funny.
Very clever.
Anyway, Michael is in a series of short skits before the play.
I think the idea is to warm up the audience.
It is a dinner theater, so we are finishing up our main course when the playlets come.
Of course, being totallay objective and not biased in any way -
Michael IS the best actor up there....
and definitely the cutest!
Gotta run,
see you soon
I've been working on a blog about ballerinas and ballet,
and also one about the country Brunei.
Yeah, I had never heard of it either, until some people started checking out my blogs from there!

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