Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ugly ducklings, World peace thru music and meanderings

"We'll free the people with music"

- quote by Bob Marley


(with a little 'hat' over the 'i')
'Peace', in the Tibetan language

Click on the link above, and listen to
Playing For Change
"Redemption Song" written by Bob Marley
but sung and played in many different countries
by many different artists.
I just love all the songs put together by Playing for Change.
They have out more than one CD to listen to now.
If you search them on YouTube, you will find I think 72 different
'official' downloads form them.
If you can, I would highly recommend getting one of their videos.
They are completely fascinating!!

Bob Marley

Now, I can't say I am a big Bob Marley fan,
or even know that much about him,
but the little I have picked up makes me want to respect him.

Here is the link to another of Playing for Change music video
collected in 2010,
John Lennon's 'Imagine':

Again, am I a big John Lennon fan?
Not really. Not for or against, really.
But I do like the music video PfC put together.
I am totally mesmerized by all the different musical instruments that are played
around the world.
Here in the USA we struggle for funding for music training in our schools at the  most basic levels.

(a school in Maine)

"If you can walk
you can dance.
If you can talk
you can sing."

- Zimbabwe Proverb

I suppose I am in a music mood today!

It all started with me looking at my page of things to discuss/explore in blogs.
Sometimes my brain is so full of things it's hard to narrow it down.
Sometimes my brain is on empty, and I can't think of a thing!
So as I browse through sites and places throughout the week,
I jot down little notes in my 'blogs to do' page.
Today I was listening to Ronan Parke, from Britain's Got Talent, 2011.

This is his audition, singing
"It's a new Day, a new Life and I'm feeling fine".
Sometimes I like listening to the audition tapes of people that on the outside
look really boring, odd, squirrely, immature, etc.
and then they open their mouths, and such beautiful music comes out.
It reminds me that what we see on the outside
really has nothing to do with what is on the inside. 

part of a painting "The Frog Prince" by Scott Gustafson
love his work!!!

Tom Tierney's 'Frog Prince', courtesy of Dover

Here is another great example, again from Britain's Got Talent, 2011-
Michael Collings is 19 years old, and an I.T. engineer.
He lives in a caravan with his parents, and his new wife who is expecting their first child within weeks.
He comes to his audition wearing a day-glo orange sweatshirt
and baggy gray sweatpants.
See what you think:

Do you like him?
Let me know, and I will post results!!

"The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Anderson re-tells this timeless truth.
We still love the little duckling tale, with new versions and illustrations being published constantly.
I think perhaps we all relate to the duckling in some way...

"Judge not by the eye but by the heart."

- Cheyenne Indian proverb

"the Ugly Duckling" courtesy Dover Books

Well, I guess that better be it for the day!
I hope I have left you with a song in your heart,
perhaps humming a little tune,
don't forget to look for that Ugly Duckling today,
that you usually just pass over, not really ignoring, but just not seeing...
and look with your heart.



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