Friday, April 6, 2012

Good for the world Friday


'Peace' (in English)
to all in Canada, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand
 and Great Britain

c. 1917

I'm afraid I don't have much time today for my blog,
but I really wanted to share at least a few things.
Today is a special day.
A day when sin was conquered.
A day when we no longer have to try and live up to a perfect God,
but can be seen by God as perfect,
through the curtain of Jesus' blood.
Blood that He freely shed for you.
For me.
What a relief!
I don't have to do 'good works' or be a 'good person'
and then hope I have been 'good enough' to enter heaven.
With Jesus' sacrifice, freely given, and His death-
He carried my sins.
Your sins.
So that I may stand before the Perfect God, the Holiest of Holy
and say
I am your child!
I know I have sinned, and I know that You sent your Only Son to the earth,
just for me!
So that today when I stand in Your presence,
You know who I am
and You welcome me into Your home.
No worrying or hoping for me.
I know Who loves me, and exactly where I will be after I die on this earth.
What a comfort.


So, today is a day of sorrow for what Jesus had to go through
and a day of rejoicing.
I like to focus on both.
and of course, Easter is the day of Rejoicing
when Jesus conquered not only our sins, but death as well!!


Here is a charming paper doll set from Germany:
I like this one because although some of their clothes are patched and worn,
these kids still celebrate with flowers and baskets of gifts.

Here is a coloring page that reminds us of Jesus death:

produced with permission from Gospel Light

This next painting is by Giotto, entitled "Lamentation", circa 1308.
I like it because it shows something that we, in all our focus on ourselves,
forget sometimes.
That the angels cried at Jesus persecution and death.
They cried because God prevented them from intervening.

Giotto's 'Lamentation', c. 1308

Caravaggio's 'La Deposizio ne di Criso'

Andrea Solario's 'Lamentation', c. 1505 - 1507

You know, that's really the symbolism of the Easter egg -
the egg is broken open and there is new life
a baby chick or a baby duckling
new, fresh, alive and ready to live!
That is us -
covered up with shell (sin) and in the dark.
Jesus breaks open our shell
and we are there!
New, fresh, alive and ready to live for God!

Well, perhaps I have given you a few things to think about.
Have a blessed Friday,
with anticipation for the Resurrection Day!


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