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Easter Egg Fun, paper dolls and safety pin pins


'Peace' in the Bulgarian language

photo credit: Steven Miric
Easter is a very popular and holy holiday in Bulgaria.
Traditional Bulgarian Easter Eggs are colored red, and many have traditional Orthodox symbols painted on them.
These red dyed eggs may be baked into a cake,
or two people may crack them together to see who is the 'most fortunate'.

Did yesterday's blog get you interested in safety pin pins?
Here are two more patterns for you:

Again, thanks to Sherri Osborn at
for her generous sharing.

You can find the safety pin tutorial in my January blogs.

The small blocks are so easy to make up your own designs too!
Share your photos with me and I will post in future blogs!
Remember, you can always reach me at

artist unknown

Here is a fun paper doll, by Karen Prince.
These are copyrighted, so please, just for your personal use only!

Now, I know she doesn't have an Easter Basket, but she is holding a bunny!
since folks are so silly around Easter and somehow think
bunnies color Easter eggs,
(and don't forget that big ol' fuzzy - The Easter Bunny)
I figure a bunny or a decorated egg is good for today!

sorry, I don't know any details on this photo,
but it sure is fun!

Looking at the above photo makes me think.
This is a GREAT idea for those areas with critters,
like squirrels or foxes or other wild things.
While eggs 'hidden' on the ground might get snatched by the non-human variety, hanging them up with ribbons and string should prevent that!
I would have an Easter Egg Hunt, only each child has directions:
Mary, you can only find eggs that are yellow.
Joe, you can only find eggs that are green, etc.
Any multicolored eggs are for anyone to find.
What do you think?
I have seen some Easter Egg Hunts where perhaps one little girl finds a TON of eggs, while another one only finds two.
Could be disappointing?
The color find hunt would solve that.

vintage clip

A charming paper doll set titled: "Sunday School"
by John Axe.
Again, these are for private enjoyment only.
I think the outfits would be perfect on any Easter holiday!

Well, the internet has not been cooperating, and the link to blogspot keeps getting interrupted, so I can't add any graphics of any kind. The above set of paper dolls have taken me 45minutes to try and post,
all the other goodies I wanted to add for today will just have to wait.

I'm coloring Easter eggs with a friend this afternoon-

I want to try some rubberband dying,
and some white vinegar/food coloring dying.

For the vinegar dying recipe,
you place hard cooked eggs in a colander
(a bowl with holes that you use to drain things in, like noodles)
and splash them with around 1/2 cup white vinegar.
Then take your FOOD SAFE FOOD DYES and drop one color on each of the eggs.
Start with your lightest color first.
You can swirl the colander around so the eggs get more dye on them.
Then, you can run cold water over them and dry them,
you can rinse out your colander, splash a bit more white vinegar on the eggs,
and drop on a different color food dye.
You can use perhaps up to 3 different dyes,
but no more or things get looking pretty muddy.
Rinse with cold water, pat dry.

I got this idea from
Great place for tons of ideas!

Using basic colors of FOOD safe dyes are also a great way
for the kids to learn their color wheel basic colors and secondary colors.

Red + Blue = Purple
Yellow + Red = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green

I remember this from last time that because they are DYES
your fingers turn all pretty colors too, unless you use plastic gloves.

Now go get some eggs!
How to boil:
Place raw eggs gently into pan and cover with cool water.
Heat the pan until just before it starts boiling -
you know, when the surface is all broken up with bubbles and things are moving around in a Big Bubbly sort of way.
You DON'T want that.
So when you start seeing lots of little bubbles coming from the pan and from the eggs, and little bubbles breaking the surface, you want to turn the heat down
so it DOES NOT come to a rolling boil.
Keep water at that almost but not quite boiling point for 15 minutes.
Remove pan from heat.
Place in sink and pour cold water into pan until eggs are cool.
(This stops the heating process quickly).
Let cool, and dry.
Ready for some color!!!

Why no boiling?
Because when eggs boil, the whites turn rubbery!
Why do the cold water bath?
Because this prevents that 'green' outer color of the yolk.
While there's nothing wrong with the green, doing the cold water bath will simply make them look more attractive for eating!

see ya' later!


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