Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Egg Baskets and more


That's 'Peace' in the Aramaic language.
It is spoken in Iraq, Iran and Syria, to name a few.

A Syrian handmade traditional dress

Today I'm in an Easter basket and Bunny mood!
Let's start out with TWO super easy pop-ups from Robert Sabuda's home site.
He offers many simple pop-up patterns for FREE!!!

Here is the link to Pop-Up Head Hoohah Robert Sabuda:

What is a 'Head Hoohah' you ask?
That means he is the bestest, most wonderfulest and marvelous expert in the field!
you could say I just really really really like his work!
(Thanks to Kathy H. for her gift of one of his books - it's super!)

Here is the link for a super cute pop up rabbit:


Robert Sabuda's instructions are in easy steps with photos of each step to help!

Here is the link for a Pop-Up Easter Basket:

All of his samples are done in white, so each step is seen clearly.

Here is a safety pin pattern for an Easter basket full of eggs:

Thanks Sherri Osborn and familycrafts for this charming and easy safety pin pattern!

Forgot how to make safety pin beaded pins?
Just go up to the 'search' box at the top of the blog.
Type in 'safety pin tutorial' and the basic instructions should pop right up.

Be sure to print extra copies of these coloring pages
 to pass out to children at church on Easter Sunday.
They are great to help little ones remain quiet during a long service!
Don't forget to package 4 or so crayons together with a ribbon,
to pass out with the coloring pages.

I believe this is from a Dover coloring book.

Next up are a couple of very simple mazes for the kids:

Again, I think these are both courtesy Dover Books.

So what would a blog about Easter Egg Baskets without a few paper dolls?

I am guessing I acquired these from
I know I plug her website a lot, but it is just so wonderful!
Tons of FREE paperdolls, plus she has quite a stock of paper dolls for sale!
I haven't shared the wonderful costumes and dolls from Liana's blog lately, so here are a few:

Both dresses fit either paper doll base.
Here are two more, that fit the dolls I have pictured with them:

If you like what you see, Liana's Blog has tons more beautiful and original paper doll dresses that fit the four dolls I have posted.
I call these 'base dolls'.

I picked the costumes with an Easter special dress in mind.
Too bad we really can't wear these.....

some vintage clip, unknown source.
If you are a crocheter or knitter, here are two patterns for purchase and download from etsy:

Here is a beautiful hand dyed batik fabric basket.
I doubt if it would arrive for Easter, but it is so pretty I had to add it:

That basket would look so special with some of your hand dyed Easter eggs in it!
I like to keep my specialty eggs out through Spring, and usually into late May.

It's time for me to leave now.
I have had terrible bursitis I think in my shoulder, so I have not been able to spend hardly ANY time on the computer.
boo hoo

It's really crimped my blogging,
and adding items to my new etsy shop:

and my new web site:

I am very excited about both!
Here is a sample:
"Baa, Baa black sheep, have you any wool?"

"Let me glance at dear old Ireland once again."

I have more Easter coloring pages, Easter paper dolls, mazes, vintage clip and more to share with you -
See you soon!


an as always, you can reach me at:

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