Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's for your sweetie with a little Fred Gwynne thrown in


Norwegian for 'Peace'

the first name of the actor who plays the father on the "Munster" tv series

the first name of the actor who plays Judge Haller in one of my all time favorite movies -

"My Cousin Vinny"
PG CAUTION, 'Cousin Vinny' has a foul mouth.

the actor's name of one of the main characters in another one of my all time favorite movies

"Disorganized Crime"

But wait.....

that's the same actor in all 3!!!


Fred Gwynne
1926 - 1993

photo creds: wikipedia

Herman Munster

Judge Chamberlain Haller, 'My Cousin Vinny' 

The four criminals- missing one, 'Disorganized Crime'

Fred Gwynne acting stars include 'Car 54, Where Are You?',
'Seargeant Bilko', 'On the Waterfront', 'Cotton Club',
'Pet Semetary', and 'Shadows and Fog'.
He did Shakespeare in Cambridge
and Broadway musicals including 'Irma La Douce',
'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' and 'Texas Trilogy'.

As if that wasn't enough, Fred Gwynne was equally skilled in graphic arts, writing and illustrating children's books. He studied drawing at Harvard.
He also could have sculpted, painted or sung for a career!

Check out this children's book:
(he wrote and illustrated at least 8)

"A Chocolate Moose for Dinner"

here is the Amazon addy. Be sure to copy/paste both lines!

Well! That was a fun bunny trail!

Today really is supposed to be about Valentine's.
I found soooo much wonderful vintage clip art, plus lots more!
Let me share a few: 

 Well, my computer is acting weird and do I dare say?
I think it is blogspot again.
So, I will cut this much shorter in the hopes it will save all, and publish well!

Here's a paperdoll for the boys and the cat lovers:

Next up - some FANTASTIC vintage cards!
The first 5 are from a super super website

Do check them out!!

You can certainly print these out. Just remember, it is for private, personal use only, so no more than 5 of each image, okay?
and you can't sell them....

'A Sweet Red Dress' original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

Hey, I had to get in to the Valentine's Day too!!
more chocolate
candy kisses
maybe a chocolate truffle or two....


one-of-a-kind bottlecap magnet with all recycled junk mail and words
for sale by inkspired at:

I found some vintage photos that could make a wonderful, vintage style valentine for your sweetie:

'French girl' unknown source

the next 3 vintage photos were discovered at
'Great Bridal Shower Ideas'

I think it would be so fun to print these out on light cardstock. Maybe 6 to a sheet of 8 1/2"x11", or so.  Then get out those fantastic Glimmer Mists.
Get out your spraying booth (see previous tutorial I have on that), and spray with up to 3 different colors of Glimmer Mist.
I'm seeing a golden mist, a walnutty-color mist and maybe a peach-y mist. Perhaps a nice rose/pink instead of the peach, your choice! Do some with each!
Do be careful with any darker mist. Have a light hand when spraying. You can always go back and add more.
Set aside to dry.

Cut apart.
I like to actually tear the edges, or to use a special pair of scissors, like the deckle edge ones or the Victorian edge ones.

Pick out your background main cardstock, cut and fold to the correct size.
Glue on your Glimmer Mist-ed photo, and then embellish away!
(I would probably glue it on a little crooked/slanted, just because).

You can add dried flowers, little envelopes, red heart stickers, paper lace, bits of ribbon or lace, buttons...
really there is no end to the kinds of fun things you can add to a card front to make it special, just from you!

I just LOVE her outfit!

Next up are just a couple of finds from

time to go and do chores and things.
I have been having the MOST fun making a new kind of art to me.
Collage Scenes
made from all junk mail,
recycled magazines (thank you to all my recycling friends!)
fliers on the front door, catalogs, brochures - and
anything else paper that looks interesting to me!

Here is just a little preview.
I still am coming up with a good name (I hope) for the series.
I will be selling these as fine quality art prints, approximately 8.5x11".
I'm thinking around $10 U.S.currency.

'Castle Rendezvous'

Do you have any ideas for me?
What do you think?
Any good 'name' suggestions?
Any particular 'theme' you would like me to do?

I welcome any and all comments you may have!!!

time to go,
see you soon!
I have a super easy leave-a-comment button to use!



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