Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A snuggly day


Finnish for 'Peace'

"First Snowdrop"

Today is a snuggly kind of day. The sky has been overcast so everything is just a kind of dull white. It's cold, even though the temperature says it isn't. The wind is blowing just enough to make it too cold.

A good snuggly kind of day!

If it were just a bit colder, we might have snow.
I like the way the snow covers up everything, and makes it look all clean!

sorry, I don't have info on this other than it looks like a neat layered card!

A perfect day to grab some scissors and old wrapping paper
or origami paper
or just plain white office type paper -
and cut up a snow storm!

Here are three wonderful patterns from

Now, that last one is so pretty, but I am not brave enough to attempt cutting it out. I would however like to try my hand with some caligraphy pens and duplicate it for the front of a card.
If it takes up too much time, then I think it would be very pretty framed.
Then I can scan and print it for cards.
Note: personal use only!

Side note:
Did you know you can get caligraphy felt tip markers?
They come in colors, and different tips and are super super easy to use.
They look professional, and you don't even have to know how to do it!!!

This is a purchased card. I thought the idea was terrific, and easily duplicated.
You could use those fancy dimensional stickers
or rubber stamps
or clip from recycled junk mail
or even draw!

Since you have your scissors out, why not cut out these cute paperdolls.
They are in serious need of more clothes, so get that box of assorted paper scraps you have, and create some!

This set is from the 1940's I believe.

I'm pretty sure I got these from http://www.origamibears.com/

I thought, thinking about snow and all, that I would like to explore some
Snow Queens.
Here are a few that I found:

a Russian Snow Queen
by Marina Davydova

I have to say, she is one of my favorites!

'Snow Queen' wallpaper

A beautiful beaded necklace -

Snow Queen necklace

"Snow Queen" by Meg Fox

Next are a couple of pictures that I like to use as my computer background:

'Snowy Church'

'Snow Svenski'

"If we had no winter;
the spring would not be so pleasant;
If we did not sometimes taste of adversity,
Prosperity would not be so welcome."

---Anne Bradstreet

"A Paler Shade of White" original Collage Art Doll

another purchased card:

I'm going to try and 'duplicate' it with my Sizzlet Snowflake set
and use card from used Christmas cards.
Then I'll probably dot a few Stickles glitter glue around.
Maybe glue on a few silvery clear beads.

I have a book waiting for me,
and a yummy soft 'lap' blanket my sister gave me for Christmas.
Maybe even a cup of hot tea

"Come along inside...
We'll see if tea and buns
can make the world a better place!".

- Kenneth Grahame, 'Wind in the Willows'

"Snow queen" by Ata Alishahi


Well, that's it for today.

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