Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dog Devotion

Well how-do-you-do?
Can I sniff your (butt)?

Koda, the sweetest Great Dane we have ever adopted
adoption through Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Inc.

Well, I have been feeling a little 'ruff' around the edges for the last few days,
 as all you know who read my blog regularly.
(and a big THANKS! to those of you who do!!)
Tanner, our current Great Dane, has just been such a nice
cuddle-boy. He loves to nap with me on the bed, and he always finagles his way around so his head is on me somewhere - usually my legs or feet.
He would prefer sharing my pillow if I let him, which is not very often.
I mean, hey! it's my pillow!!!
...and he snores!

Tanner, taking advantage of the bed

Yeah, that IS a picture of Tanner on my bed, with his
hind end almost on my pillow.
We change pillowcases alot here.

a vintage Jack and Jill magazine cover, with added dogs
courtesy of OrigamiBears

"You can say any foolish thing to a dog,
and the dog will give you a look that says
'My goodness, your'e right!
I never would have thought of that!'"

- Dave Barry, humor author

Tanner, trying to be a small dog and fit on half of our loveseat.

Pun of the day:
'Where do you find a dog with no legs?'
(answer below)

This is a lab puppy by
but you could color her to be lots of other kinds of dogs too!

I love these cute little finger puppets by

Makes me want to sing:

10 little puppies on the bed,
Me Oh My Oh No!
One falls off - and goes a scamperin'
Me Oh My Oh No!

9 little puppies on the bed,
Me Oh My Oh No!
One falls off - and goes a scamperin'
Me Oh My Oh No!

8 little puppies on the bed,
Me Oh My Oh No!
One falls off - and goes a scamperin'
Me Oh My Oh No!

7 little puppies on the bed,
Me Oh My Oh No!
One falls off - and goes a scamperin'
Me Oh My Oh No!

...6, 5, 4, 3, 2.....
1 little puppy on the bed,
Me Oh My Oh No!
sleeping on the pillow with his head,
M Oh My Oh.....snore.

Yes, you're right, you have never heard that one before,
because I just made it up!
10 little puppy finger puppets could be awfully cute...

vintage clip of little dog,
NOT my Tanner!

Tanner seems to know when I don't feel well.
I'm not sure if he is sympathising with me,
or just knows he can get more sleep-on-the-bed time!

Yes, this is Tanner on the bed, slowly sneaking his way up to the pillows...

Here is a page of vintage dogs, plus some bears and more, drawings
courtesy of Dover Books:

This next photo is from a contest held for an auction for breast-cancer charity in 2008.
I just love the creativity that these artists put into their bras!!!

I'm sorry, I don't know the artist/creator of this one.

Answer to pun question:
'Right where you left him!'

yeah, I know, I know...but it IS a pun....

a recycled CD clock,

My good friend Julie adopted 2 dogs from the animal shelter.
She was only going to adopt one, but the dog she wanted
had come in with another dog, and she just couldn't split them up.
Good for her.
They don't really play or anything together,
but definitely are each others' security blankie.
One is a Chinese Crested Julie named 'Ellie'.
I looked for pictures of a Chinese Crested, and this coloring page came up:
Thanks to for their great drawing.

Now Ellie doesn't look that that drawing.
She looks kind of like a small poodle with a pointy nose 
with a really bad hair day.
But perhaps in her doggy-dreams she looks like the above dog!

Pun #2
'Why don't blind people like to sky dive?'

The next couple of pictures are taken from
I would encourage you to check out her shop!
She makes custom felt drawings of your home, and includes personal things like dogs and cats, flowers, etc.
These are 2 pix of 2 different dogs she has done for clients:

Aren't they just adorable?

I got in the mood for all things dog today because I read an article posted on Yahoo News! It was all about homes that were designed
with people's pet dogs in mind.
About time! I say, as a firm doggy-lover.

These pictures are all courtesy of
which is a Japanese architecture design company, I believe.

An award-winning Papillon Dogs Home in Kakogawa, Japan.

a Basset Hound House with smaller home designs in mind

Here they are catering to a low-to-the-ground sight line.

This next photo shows a lower entrance to an outside area, that includes an outdoor shower! You can see it in the upper Left corner.

It is designed by Kouichi Kimura Architects, Japan.

The last photo in this series is designed by
FaunaPlusDesign, Japan.
I just think this idea is absolutely super!
It was created for 3 beagles that are also watch dogs,
so now they can watch from above too!
Kinda' like from the castle walls....

What a great idea for doggy-at-home exercise!!!

Of course, Tanner's main exercise is to decide which bed/nap place he would prefer to move to....


*a fire to warm him
*a blanket with extra cush to lay on
*a favorite toy nearby (the fox!)
*in the middle of things, so he can observe

Such decisions, such decisions.
What Napping Spot next?

In the office
TWO custom beds made for Tanner by

In the living room (note big basket of toys to the Right)

and sometimes you just have to plop down where you are...
but of course,
make sure you are in the middle of everything so people have to step over you-

Here is a photo of a foster Great Dane we had:

from the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Inc.

We so wanted to adopt him. I just fell in love with him.
Talk about a cuddle-boy!
But Drake was very young, and very energetic and really not house trained...
so he just didn't fit in with us.
This was before my back surgery, so I was in pain a lot, and couldn't take him for walks, or throw the Frisbee or play tug-of-war with him.
Did I mention he had lots of energy??!!
But what an absolute sweetie...
His adoptive parents had him for about 3 months, and then adopted another Great Dane for companionship for him. She was 6 months old at the time!
I was so happy for him. I cried when we let him go...

Dog bones, paws and houses hand painted marbles by

Answer to Pun #2:
Because it scares the dog too much!!

(snark, snark, snark)

Gotta close, I'm getting too sentimental and wayyy too silly here!
no Michael, I will not write a book,
I will not write a book,
I will not write a book.

And for those interested, my headache is all gone and I fell
thanks for your prayers.


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  1. Ha Karen, love this one. i have aways love your dogs.I enjoyed this bloged. i like seeing tanner and his fox. Its hard to type left handed.i had told you all i broke my right arm ouch.getting tired so gotta go. glenda