Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Day on the computer

I have been up since 8am, and those of you that know me, know that is almost an impossible thing for me!
I really don't function well until around 10am. Even if I am, well, standing up. Beware! The Sleep Fuzzies are mostly in control!

painting by Kay Chorao

Those early college classes? Not good for me; yet every semester except one, all the way through college, I had one of those 7:30am classes.
And wouldn't you know it, it always seemed to be a 'core' class:
Sociology 101
Psychology 101
Bible Hermeneutics
Basic Science 101
I wonder what my poor teachers thought?!

"a crescent moon for breakfast"
photography by Laurent Laveder

Any-Who-How, I have had a day at the computer.
First up, editing and size adjustments for some of my new Collage Paintings.
Yep, I think I have come up with a name:

Collage Paintings by inkspired

Do you like it?  Here are a couple of my newer ones:

"Gypsy Camp"

"Mermaid Preening"

"M'lady's canter"

Right now I seem to be enjoying either Camelot era knights and ladies, or mermaids.  I am pleased with how my "Gypsy Camp" turned out, as that is my original design. The others I have borrowed ideas from different pattern sources, although no entire scene is all from a pattern. You know me, I have to do that creative thing and twiddle here, and smooch a bit there....

Here a couple of Collage Art Dolls that are entirely original to me, and made of recycled junk mail, catalogs, those irritating flyers on your door, etc.
I have just listed these today:

"Mermaid Pearls"
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

"Vintage Snowflake with Pearl Chains"
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

So, that was time on the computer.
I also edited and re-listed several items.
Then of course I had to edit some already listed items.


Then I did some Treasury Upkeep.
You can make Treasuries on etsy.com by picking out 16 items from 16 different shops (and you can't include your own) with a theme.
(refer to a previous blog on how to put etsy treasuries together)

Well, the good thing about it is items sell!!! I always hope I had something to do with it. A few people have dropped me a note and said they purchased something that was in one of my treasuries. It makes it fun. However, that leaves a blank spot in the treasury.

Today I went back through several of my treasuries and added in new items to fill the empty (sold) slots.
I worked on:
"A Parliament of Owls"

and added a few, including:
Original 9x7 watercolour Eyes of Owl

and a needle felted handmade green owl:

"Hazelnut, please" treasury:

Hand Carved Hazelnut  Pottery -1120
Hand Carved from Hazelnut Clay, Potter

Actual Hazelnut earrings! way cool....

I thought this picture was such a great advertising shot!

The listing is for 6 Vanilla/Hazelnut Scented Wax Tarts:

Next, "Forest Wings" treasury:

Owl art- Spotted Owl -print after original watercolor
Spotted Owl art print from original watercolor

Gold Sugar Owl Screen Print
Gold Sugar Owl Screen Print

Owl Tree Branch Leaf Flower Mold Twig Clay Resin PMC Fondant Mould
Owl Tree Branch and flower&leaf Mold for Resin, Fondant +more

Oh, and many more, in a few more treasuries.

Then I worked on a few more Collage Art Dolls,
resizing and trying to get the actual color more realistic to what it is.
I also listed a new necklace I've finished:

hand beaded necklace with inkspired's original pattern

It is so much prettier than the picture shows. It is extremely difficult to photograph shiny and iridescent beads!

Then I worked on photos of my altered paper dolls, getting ready to list them for the first time...

"Clockface Tropics"
original altered paper doll by inkspired

Do you like it?

I have so many darn ideas, it gets hard to settle on just a few things to do,
at once of course!!

Oh, and there was the nice coffee and chat with a good friend this am
(the reason I was up so early!)
and letting the dog out
and letting the dog in
and doing 3 loads of laundry
and plunging the toilet (oh hooray, love to do that....)
put dirty dishes away
sort laundry
smear peanut butter on the pills that Tanner needs to take every day
let Tanner out
let Tanner in
feed Tanner
let Tanner out
let Tanner in
hang up laundry
spend time in the basement organizing
think it's time to go sit in my chair
and watch one of my 'new' movies -
"Honey I Shrunk the Kids"
"The Help" (loaned to me by a friend)
or finish
"Monty Python's Holy Grail"
( a present for Michael, but he fell asleep half way thru it last night!)
oh well. I'll just close!

It is time to finish my
Day at the Computer.



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