Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Meanderings

Sang Nian Fai Lok

Cantonese for 'Happy New Year',
(I'm pretty sure!)

Singapore Financial District 2011
photo by Joel Boh

It feels great to be back with my blog!
Had some rough, kinda' icky weeks, but today is a new day!
I'm still fighting a cold or something.
that's the nice thing about the internet -
none of you can catch what I have!
Ain't technology wunnerful?

St. James Parish, Gramercy, Louisiana, USA
Mississippi River tradition

This is a favorite quote of mine:

'Are you willing to forget what you have done for other people,
and to remember what other people have done for you ...
To remember the weakness and loneliness
of people who are growing old ...
Are you willing to believe
that love is the strongest thing in the world ...
stronger than hate,
stronger than evil,
stronger than death...
Then you can keep Christmas!
But you can never keep it alone.'

- Henry van Dyke

a 1986 Greeting Card 'The Christmas Forest'

I checked out Turkeyfeathers blog, and found a super freebie.
She is offering - for free - 12 embroidery patterns of 12 different nursery rhymes.
Go to her blog (listed on the right, under 'My Blogs') and look at the top right side. There is a button that says 'embroidery transfers', and then 'free'. Click on that, and up comes several choices!
The Nursery Rhymes are just one of those offered.
Be sure and check out her WONDERFUL State flowers embroidery patterns too!

Here is a sentiment that is good all year 'round,
done in papercutting (scherensnitte) style!

Following is the Christmas card base that I created this year.
It is made with all recycled paper junk mail,
and 2 punches (the circle, and the ivy trio leaf).
I then copied it and printed it out on white cardstock.
This was so it would fit on a card front!
After trimming, I mounted it onto either a medium red
(the same color of the circles),
 bright green or dark green card,
with strips of contrasting cardstock for accents.
I hope you like it!

by inkspired

Then on the inside I had clipped various words from junk mail,
such as 'The Messiah', or 'Merry Christmas', or 'Jesus',
or words that were similar. I had a limited amount of junk mail
that uses those kind of words !
(Thank goodness for flyers from The Family Christian Bookstore!!!)
Each envelope had two more word clips.
I used words like 'Good News', or things like that.

Now that I write about it,
I suppose I should have taken pix of the finished cards!
If I find any half done cards, I will take pix and post later.

I loved this photo that I found, by Olivia Harris:

Larry the Downing Street cat on Downtown Street
central London, Britain

There was an old publication named "wee wisdom" in the 1950's.
The cover art is super great vintage.
Here is one:

'Playtime in the snow'
from a vintage wee wisdom magazine

I have created some new Collage Art Dolls,
with Evening Style as a semi-theme.

'Chained Night Life' original Collage Art Doll
(Lesson learned -
don't seal the Collage Art Doll in plastic before you photograph it!)

'Lipstick Dress' original Collage Art Doll

Note that her accessories are from a 'scan your phone' symbol thingy.
I also really like the mis-matched eyes!
and of course....the lipstick dress!

'Night at the Opera' Collage Art Doll by inkspired

I saw that standing candelabra in an ad,
and knew I had to do something special with it!
I'm trying to remember - I think her dress is from a Lipstick ad...

Next up is a hilarious you tube clip my son Peter shared with us:

Who knew?    

See you soon!


I thought today I would just share a few things that I liked!
So charming and vintage!

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