Friday, January 13, 2012



(Owl -speak for 'Are you there?' or 'I am heeere!')

a red-chested owlet from

Yes it's true - I am in a hootin' and hollerin' mood.
Mostly hootin'!!
'little hootie owl felt pin'

I have just completed two, yes two treasuries on etsy's treasury site.
(That silly Count from the Muppets, he counts everything at least twice!)

The first one is titled "Forest Wings".

Let's see if I can show you some cool hooter pictures!

Now, I have copied down each etsy store that these items are from,
but it would be so much easier if you just visited the treasury!
Simply click on each hooter in the treasury, and up it will come
as the listing, in it's own little shop on etsy!

I hope the photos tempt you to do that 'extra' click!

I'm running a little short on time today,
as I spent a couple of hours looking at people's creative hooting outlets,
and then gathering cool owl facts
and then finding cool owl photos!

adult screech owl

I also spent an hour or so making a fresh vegetable soup.
Smells yummy....

I think I will save treasury # 2 - 'A Parliament of Owls' for another day.

Here is a fun page of Owl Paper Dolls!

I'm pretty sure I have shared these before,
but hey, how many Owl paper dolls do you think I can find?

a Little Owl in Britain
These are also called 'French owls' and 'Dutch owls'

Here is a cool bookplate for you to print out and color.
Then stick it to the inside of a book that you are giving as a gift
or that you intend to keep in your library
 until you are hootin' at your own grave!

A few FUN FACTS about owls:

There are about 162 different species of owls alive today,
inhabiting a huge variety of ecological niches,
from rainforests to tundra.

Owls belong to Strigiformes and are part of 200 bird of prey species!

Some owls are built for fishing - and that's what they love to eat!

The Native American tribe - Hopi - have taboos surrounding owls.
They associate them with sorcery and other evils.

Owls are NOT found in Antartica and most of Greenland,
and some remote islands.

Thanks to Wikipedia and Enchanted Learning for their great owl facts!

Col, Jeananda. Enchanted Learning. 1996

Snowy Owl

Well, I guess I am done hootin' and hollerin' for today!
See you soon!


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  1. I really love this one. I was in the Owl patrol in scouting. So Owls has a speical place in my heart. Our saying was We give a hoot.
    I loved the nacklace and other items.
    You did a very good job. I hope others will comment on this one.thank you for posting this.