Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Vegetable Soup


'Peace' in the Fulu language, Nigeria

'Carrying the Moon on her back'
part of a series of Moon artistic photographs by Laurent Laveder

Well, I am going to the chiropractor this morning to see if I can get rid of these terrible headaches. I do so hope it helps.
Makes me very very grouchy.

I thought you might like the recipe for this really tasty vegetable soup that I made the other day.  I started out with no recipe, just a refrigerator of vegetables that I didn't want to spoil!

1 large pot with lid- I use the largest I have.
3 peeled and cut potatoes, bite size or so
3 carrots, peeled and cut into med size circles- bite size
1 package of large white mushrooms, all of them, sliced
1 small jar of pimiento. I rinsed out the vinegar first
a handful of edamame beans. (Fancy name for soy beans, fresh,green)
3 teaspoons of beef bouillon, dry
2 bay leaves
about 1 tsp of dried fresh parsley
about 1 tsp of dried fresh basil
a pinch of oregano
some salting with onion salt - to taste, so not too much - maybe 1/2 tsp?
Some sprinkling of onion powder. Maybe 1/2 tsp? or so?
1 can of tomato pieces (Or you can use a can of tomato sauce, NOT paste)
2/3 of one red bell pepper sliced and chopped
some stalks of fresh celery, chopped, including leafy tops - about 6
1 can of pinto beans
several pods of garlic. Not the entire head, just the parts inside.
                 I'm sure there is a cooking term for these,but I have a headache and
                  can't think of it!
1 /2 Cup - 1 Cup Pace picante sauce, medium hot

Add enough water to cover well.
Set on a medium burner, and put on lid.
Stir, and set on a low burner once it is hot throughout. Let it simmer (which means an occasional bubble on the surface) until you serve. It just gets tastier the next day.

That's it.

I also like to add 1 Cup of Pace Picante Sauce to my chili.

have a super day!


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