Monday, December 31, 2012

Silly Santas with a 2012 send-off

Happy New Year!
I know in some parts of the world, it is already a New Year!

'The Journey Begins' partial of painting by
Scott Gustafson,
one of my favorite painters!

I thought perhaps we all needed some silliness to end the old year,
and start off the New Year with a big bang smile!!

colorized vintage clip

and who better to chuckle with, than Santa Claus?!

shopping mall in Hong Kong, 2011 photo cred: Laurent Fievet

So, get your grin on, and let's have some

Santa Fun Around the World!!

Hurrah! Hurrah for the Christmas Ship!
c. 1914
vintage song sheet cover, courtesy of Indiana Music Library

Santa - Old and New!

Siam Ocean World in Bangkok, Santa swimming with leopard sharks
2012 photo cred: Sukree Sukplang

a vintage Christmas card

students in Chandigarh North India, 2012
photo cred: Ajay Verma

vintage clip, courtesy of Dover Books

Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2011

a Christmas card...

David Hasselhoff, 60yrs. old, Southport, England
photo  cred: Solent News/SplashNews

a vintage Christmas card

Santa Claus Fun Run for charities 2012,
Greenwich Park, London, Great Britain
photo cred: Suzanne Plunkett

vintage Santa clip

Yokohama, Japan 2011
Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Aquarium
cred:Itsuo Inouye

bookmakers, ltd.

Marineland Aquatic Park, Antibes, France 2012
photo cred: Eric Gaillard

courtesy Dover Books

Queen Victoria building, Sydney, Australia, 2011
photo cred: Greg Wood

vintage Christmas card

Volunteers of America Sidewalk Santa 109th March
Sidewalk Santa Parade, New York, 2011

vintage Christmas clip

Santa feeding Khudsiah, a giant Blotched Fantail Ray,
Aquaria, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

'Up, Up and Away!" painting by Scott Gustafson

Scottsdale, Arizona USA Gun Club posing with Santa
photo cred: Joshua Lott

Paper Doll Fun, courtesy of OrigamiBears, 2012

Storkow, Germany, 2011
designer Didi Senft, photo cred: Thomas Peter

cropped graphics from vintage song sheet cover
"The Story Santa Claus Told"
courtesy of Indiana Music Libraries

Santa Speedo Run, Boston Massachusetts, USA
photo cred: Brian Snyder

vintage clip from

Yongin, South Korea promotional event, 2011
photo cred: Jo Yong Hak

c. 1914 vintage song sheet cover, courtesy Indiana Music Libraries

and to all, a goodnight...

"Saint Nicholas in his study"
painting by Scott Gustafson

Merry Christmas,
and a very Happy New Year!


costumes, central Beijing market, China, 2011
photo cred: David Gray

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Few of My Favorite 2012 Things


dancing children, 1979 Poland coin celebrating International Children's Day

Please pardon my simple format today. Comcast is at it again with super s-l-o-w downloading service.
Anybody want to start up their own internet service with fast service?
Sign me up!

Here are a few of my favorite things...

I have always thought they were great animals - they are very smart, and affectionate. They also make good 'guard dogs'!

"Take courage it is I" orginal Collage Paper Painting
made from all recycled junk mail!
Bible stories!
I continue to learn from the parables and teachings of Y'shua and His disciples, and also from the scriptures in the Old Testament. There is always something new!

traditional costumes of West Assyria

Learning about new (to me) countries!
I also have this thing about international flags...

Bateaux Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Nature's beauty!
Both large, and small...
hummingbird, photo credit unknown
a 1910 Edward Curtis photo, possibly Cheyenne

Native American Indians!
I am awed by their rich history,
and so saddened by many of their conditions of today.

Fairy Tale Cottages!
I don't think I could live in such little spaces, but a craft cottage for my backyard?
Oh yeah...

a 1920's apricot silk 'flapper' dress
Cool vintage styles! I also reflect this in my collage art -
"Art Deco Flapper" original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

pincushion and real shell

Anything sea shells!
Can't get enough of them - each is unique and beautiful!
and so many design possibilities...
original design by inkspired notecard sets

and no list of favorite things would be complete without beads!!

a few of inkspired's beaded creations, for sale at a Craft Fair

My list must remain incomplete for today as my time has run out...
I look forward to sharing with you the many other
Favorite Things!
in the year to come!

and now I'm on Pinterest too!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wearing a little RED Holiday Cheer


The Voca People's Merry Christmas song

embroidered towel,

Let's have fun today with the color


What better color to represent this joyous season?

Scarlett in her RED dress, Barbie c.2004 Mattel, Inc.

vintage greeting
c.2009 Sherri Osborn

Have fun with the above safety pin pin pattern!

This is a great activity for last minute gifts -
safety pin pins!

You can find a safety pin tutorial on my blog here :

Since I am featuring lovely RED ideas today,
here is another cheerful bit to wear:

mesh hair clip or brooch,

Oh no!!
Another Holiday Party to go to, and I've already worn the 3 Holiday sweaters I own....what to wear?  What to wear?

Let me give you some choice RED ideas:

Stripes are definitely IN this season -

a Candy Stripes Costume,

You can go big and BOLD, or here is a more subtle stripe,

in RED of course!!

'Peppermint Obsession' Barbie, c.2006

Now some of you like patterns in your favorite RED Holiday wardrobe
and that is just as fashionable:

Dolls of the World  - Kenya - Barbie c.1994

Here's another sweet patterned Red dress -

"A Sweet RED Dress" original Collage Art Doll

add some RED dress glam with that pattern:

"RED Dress Glam" original collage art doll

"Time for RED Dress Glam" note cards, from original Collage Art Doll,

vintage clip with patterned underskirt, tweaked by Lisa Vollrath

note the suit dress with RED color-on-color, and black soutache trim

'Cassie' paper doll by Gwen R., c.1996

Also note the RED stripe lingerie, and the RED satin shoes!
(One can never accessorize with RED too often!)

Here is another color-on-color RED dress:

vintage sewing pattern graphics

Need an idea for that formal engagement?
Look no further!

'The Red Queen of Hearts', Barbie c.2007

'January Birthstone - Garnet' Barbie c.2003

'Holiday Ball' Barbie, c.2007

Just don't have time to sew all that material?

Looking for RED glamor and short? I have ideas for those too!!

(I love those big RED cabbage roses!!)

'Betty Boop' unofficial paper doll and RED outfits
note the RED lingerie!

Are you a little short on RED glamour fabric?
Here are some ideas to help you stretch that fabric into a dress!

Birgitte's 1924 paper doll, c.2002 courtesy of origamibears

Add some white accents to make that RED fabric go longer!

Skipper's Holiday dress, with differing petticoats, Barbie c.1962

'Black and White and RED' original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

Don't forget leftover fabric-
Note the RED accessories!

"Party Decorating" original Collage Art Doll by inkspired.

These Collage Art Dolls are ALL made from recycled junk mail!!

How about using a base color fabric, such as black,
and adding RED accents to complete the outfit?

Bob Mackie's "Circus" Barbie, c. 2010

Dolls of the World Barbie, Thailand, c.1998

Another costume for Betty Boop.
Note the RED accent ribbon on her hat!

Which brings up a very important part of your holiday ensemble -

Don't worry about the little things, just be sure it is RED!

"A Little Evening Glitz" original Collage Art Doll by inkspired
note card selection -

Note the cute RED ruffled skirt, and the RED flower fascinator.

Here's a vintage cutie that chose RED fringe-type trim
for her holiday ensemble-
vintage graphic, possible c.1910

Add some bright RED tights!!

from 'Dollikin' vintage paper doll set

or add a RED striped scarf and hat -

Whitman publisher

or perhaps some RED jewelry?

Just coming back from DisneyLand,
these are my ultimate RED accessories of the moment -

25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, Barbie

Oh dear, my RED holiday cheer is just overflowing...

and l o n g !


More later!