Friday, December 2, 2011

It's a Holly Jolly Santa!

Aapko Christh Janam Din ki badhai

(Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Hindi)

vintage clip

Today I want to have a little fun with the upcoming holidays,
and Santa Claus!

Today is my last day to get everything ready
and packed and in my van because
starts my 2-day Craft Fair.
Yeah, you're probably tired of hearing about it, so let's get into some
Father Christmas
Grandfather Frost
Saint Nicholas
Santa Claus
There are many names that across the world are
attributed to the same basic character.
After this weekend I hope to get into some of the different
Santa Claus legends and stories from all over the world.
Not today!

This free clip art is SUPER to cut out!
Be careful with the really thin outline lines,
but he will look great when you mat him on a piece of red paper, won't he?
Take just a little bit more time, and you can put some silver paper
behind his belt buckle.  Add a little flesh-toned paper behind his face,
but be sure and leave the eyebrows alone.

A fun little puzzle to do on your lunch break, or to tuck into your kid's lunchbox:

a vintage crate label
Hi Mom and Dad in Santa Paula!

Here is a vintage paper puppet craft:

Trace the outlines, and have your kids color Santa in their favorite colors.

This picture is copyrighted I believe. Check on their website.

The Vintage Workshop has this great sign-up where you get one FREE image from their HUGE library of vintage images, per month.
I have enjoyed many of their free images.
They also carry way-cool items that you can use to make things with the images.
A few are -iron-on computer paper, fabric computer paper,
and tons of images, in really good groupings
or singles!


Well, I'm off to count inventory,
finish my displays and display board
find my price tags (gggrrrrrrrr)
price and tag things
finish my price sheet cheat sheet for my helpers;

(I have 2 for Saturday! Yippee!)

go to the bank
go to WalMart for picture stands and rubber cement
and then IF I have time
finish 2 more ABC books to sell
finish 10 ornament tags that need ribbon
wash tablecloths
find sheets are something to cover my tables Saturday night
get 3 Thank You cards ready for my 3 helpers
Call one helper to arrange transportation
clean up my sprawling mess in the family room,
flowing into the kitchen eating area
and piled in the dining room!

vintage Christmas record

Oh, I just better stop this blog and go do those things!!!


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