Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Mermaid Tuesday


Mermaid ad

I have spent some time now going through my files marking which ones I have posted on my blog, which ones go where, etc.
I have many.
You'd suspect that I have a mermaid addiction.
You'd be right.

photo from The Little Mermaid, Broadway

So why do mermaids continue to fascinate us?
They have been in literature and paintings for centuries.

"Ulysses and the sirens" by Herbert James Draper, 1909

We have dolls, pincushions, wall decor and paper dolls..
the list goes on.
Ooooohhhhh, I think I'll explore that further!!!

a purple mermaid tail costume part

Laurel Burch Fabric pincushion, www.RoundRobinFabrics.etsy.com

a mermaid cake

a mermaid paper doll from Dover

Lately, it seems to me, there has been a big boom of mermaid sculptures and paper dolls and altered art mermaids for home decor.
That keeps me happy!

altered art in a box
I'm sorry, I don't know who the artist is.

articulated paper doll with octopus

altered mermaid art tag by www.pitchmom.etsy.com

I wonder if our fascination is spurred by our economy feelings.
Mermaids are fantasy.
Mermaids can do anything they want, even grow legs to walk on!
Mermaids are free to roam the seas at will.
That means no mortgage payement,
no housing allowance,
no taxes or fees,
or expensive repairs.

Kirchner's mermaid

'Neverland's mermaid lagoon' from Disney's Peter Pan

"Dreaming Mermaid"

from illustrated card stock

There have always been tales of mermaids and sirens of the sea.
Tired and/or drunk sailors spread the tales at every land bar they visited.
After all,
mermaids DO make a good story...

Dulac's painting of a mermaid and her prince

"The Catch" by Dorian Cleavenger

'The Rhine Maidens' by Arthur Rackham

This next painting is one of my all time favorites -
'A Fair Catch' by Norman Rockwell

I love the expression on the seaman's face,
and the rather enigmatic look the mermaid is giving.

Which brings up another point -
Mermaids are always beautiful (unless you're stuck in a Tim Burton movie).
Mermaids don't seem to age - ever seen a senior citizen mermaid?
You might find a beautiful baby mermaid,
but where's the teen angst and blemishes?
Yep, that's fantasy for you.

'Water Dress' by Gisele Bundchen

Mermaid painting by Isa Maria

Well, that's enough mermaid ruminating for me today!
I hope you have enjoyed my assortment of mermaid art!

"Mermaid D" Collage Art doll by inkspired

Lots of weather changes going on recently,
which means I usually have lots of migraines
which means I may not blog every day.
That's me' life!

"Sea Treasures" Collage Art doll by inkspired

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