Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Paper dolls


3 vintage dancing girls

I have been at the computer for 2+ hours, and still have not started my blog!
I have been going through my etsy shop, and my etsy favorites (I have quite a few!) and updating a few of my treasuries.
Those are good things, but not what I was supposed to be doing!
Oh yes, and I read the Yahoo News, and clicked on some stories, and...
it is not hard to spend 2+ hours on the internet and not really accomplish anything!

I have been struggling with extreme fatigue, so today I have to write a SHORT blog, and then grab a nap until my friend comes over this afternoon and we will bead together.
Always a pleasure.

I thought it would be fun to offer some 1 -2 page paper dolls.
Of course they will be holiday themed!

Good 'ol Betsy McCall!

This next 2 page spread is from 1944 -

I really really like this pair!
For one thing, Santa doesn't look like he is on the verge of a
diabetic coma or heart attack!

this cutie-pie bear named Russel is for your personal enjoyment!

Let's finish with a wonderful Holiday Bear set -

See you tomorrow!
The countdown to my last Craft Fair has begun
5 days

until my Show!!!


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