Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a few of my favorite Etsy Christmas things

('Peace' in Turkish)
Hello to all my Turkish readers!!

Today I would like to share with you some of my favorite Christmas things.
Most I have pulled from my 'Favorites' list I have on etsy.

I will add in the direct link to the item, so you can simply click on the link
and voila! you are there!

I wanted to make a couple more beaded ornament covers for this year,
but since I added in 2 extra craft fairs, my time has really
been devoted to the fairs, not to my own Christmas decorations!

I think lions are so majestic.
I love the imagery of the bible that Jesus is the Lion AND the Lamb.
The Lion of Judah.

Here is another pendant by the same artist:

I have always thought a collection of camels would make a really cool decoration for Christmas. They remind me of the wiseman and philosophers that traveled so very far to Bethlehem to see the new King
that was foretold in the scrolls and the stars.

By now you should all know that I love mermaids!
I love the myth, the fantasy, the variety.
This mermaid just cracks me up - because her name is Glenda.
My best friend in Georgia is named Glenda!
My Glenda is also a plus-sized woman,
and the mermaid,
and Glenda has red hair, and....
I just LOVE this print!!
Hi Glenda!

This artist has a series of plus-sized mermaids,
be sure to check out her shop!

This next beaded bracelet is just one example of Kimm's incredibly lush bracelets,
and at an incredibly low price!

I have been completely intrigued by glass plate garden decor items.
Each one is so unique and just so pretty!
I think I may try one out here, but we do get hail damage,
so I would have to remember to run out and 'save the plate'.

and here is a close up of the glass flower.
You can see it is made from plates, a candle holder and perhaps a relish dish.
While this next necklace may not be in 'traditional' red and green,
I think it would look just stunning with a green velvet dress
or perhaps a cream blouse with a long skirt with sheer overlays done in black or dark green, and a creamy satin sash to go round the middle.

I think this romantic roses frosted glass chandelier would look
wonderful in my bedroom!

These are made from a vintage tablecloth!

This paper Polish Star Urchin is fun!
A big HELLO to my Polish readers!

These adorable drum major ornaments (vintage!) will just be
super on my 12 Days of Christmas themed tree!

You can find the last 2 ornaments in a cheery treasury called
"holiday gift guide"

I have collected many burgundy ornaments for a themed Christmas tree.
I add in white and gold ornaments for a fully decorated tree.
This is a clever idea, and certainly fits the color theme!

We have stockings for myself, Michael and Peter that Glenda gave us.
I also purchased little stockings last year and decorated them with mini yoyos
and vintage buttons that I made.
BUT, I would love to have an elegant Victorian Christmas with all the lace,
velvet, rich gold trims - fancy!
so let's not forget - the Victorian Stockings!

Well, enough day dreaming for the day!
I hope my musings will lead you to a beautiful Christmas.
I also accept presents.....


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  1. love this and yes now I am a mermaid yea love ya .Happy Birthday glenda