Friday, November 4, 2011

Craft Fair tomorrow

Hello, all!
I am late (again) in getting this out. I have been going down all kinds of bunny trails, trying to sort out my things I want to sell tomorrow. Getting the displays right, inventory, etc.
I have started on a blog, but it is proving to need more of my time than I want to give today, so it is saved for another day!

Yep, I'm going to fall back on one of BIG favorites today - paper dolls!

Here is a complete set for you:

Yes, I know I have offered part of this before, but here is the whole shebang!
It is kind of a small set, so here is another one for your enjoyment.
These are Danish paper dolls that I have tagged "Dorte":

ALL of these dolls are just perfect to make lots more clothes for!
Get out those pencils, tracing paper, patterned paper scraps, bits of lace, ribbon, glitter....oh just all kinds of materials to make your costumes special!

I probably won't post Saturday, as I will be filled with Craft-Fair-itis.

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