Monday, October 10, 2011

The Twitch Sisters, Day of the Dead and black cats


pronounced 'pree-vee-tun-nie'

Belarusian for Hello

I just finished adding to my etsy shop some great Collage Art Dolls.
I finished the Twitch Sisters last night, and just had to get them up in my shop right away! I have about 6 more in partial stages, but not the Twitch Sisters,
just other fun and kitschy Collage Art Dolls.


pronounced like 'Tina' only with a 'w'


Look for my converted perfume bottles, phone scan symbols
and nautical look jewelry!  The threesome has several things similar.
Can you find them?

We have never done 'witches' for Halloween.
Just a culture that I prefer not to tap into.
We do LOTS of bats, pumpkins, scarecrows, corn stalks, spiders and black cats.
The black cats come from a dear friend who had a black cat named "Prissy".
Peter grew up with Prissy for several years when he was young, so black cats have always been included.
She was named after a character in "Gone With the Wind".
When a character in the movie is about to give birth, they call on the black slave, Prissy, to come and help.  She replies with

"Don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies!"

Since the cat Prissy was getting spayed, they decided it fit perfectly,
because Prissy (cat) was 'goin' to know nothin' bout birthin' no babies'!!! 


I'm having a sale on my Collage Art Dolls (unframed) through the end of October. I started changing the prices on some of my etsy listings,
but decided my banner on the top of my page should be enough.
Lazy me, not in the mood to edit 70+ listings, then have to go back and edit the remaining ones November 1st!

"Orange Plaid Busy"
on sale through October for $15.00

Now that my son is 24 and on his own, he has some personal tastes to explore.
One of them being skulls.
So, now I might add a skull or two around, or just give Peter some skulls to decorate with. They don't mean anything to me one way or another.
I don't think skulls are creepy, just as leg bones aren't creepy.
They just are.

I am liking the Mexican tradition of "Day of the Dead" more and more.
At first I didn't understand it,
I mean dancing skeletons? Skeletons dressed up in finery?
But now I get it that the Day of the Dead
is making fun of death.
We all die, therefore death is a part of our living.
Death has no hold over us - so we make fun of it.
Day of the Dead also is welcoming back departed family and friends.
It is a happy occasion, not scary or anything.

Wouldn't a Day of the Dead costume party be fun?
The ladies can dress up fancy, with a little face paint, and the guys get to choose between skeleton type costumes or 'Mexican' traditional dress costumes.
Brave women with super figures could also be skeletons,
but PLEASE...
don't try to fit a 40 pound butt into a pair of 20 pound butt stretch pants!!!
That would make the party scary....

here are the rest of the costumes for this paperdoll:
I have LOTS of Halloween type paper dolls, so I will try to share at least one every day for the rest of October, or until I run out!
And yes, there are quite a few dolls with 'witch' costumes.
It's hard to get around it.
I guess cute little witches might be okay,
but I just don't like where that might lead impressionable children,
or preteens, or teens or even young adults.

Of course, Glinda the Good Witch
and the Wicked Witch of the West
are different!
(am I showing my bias towards Wizard of Oz?)
recycled bottle cap magnets with Barbie Wizard of Oz recycled junk mail

Add "Wizard of Oz" with Judy Garland as one of my must-see movies.

Well, it's that time again - time to say goodbye for now!
Thanks for the feedback I've been getting -
it really makes my day!

Welcome to Bangladesh as a new country with fans.


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