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October flower Cosmos ,Language of Flowers and a Halloween paperdoll


This is one of my new Autumn bracelets!
I call it 'Autumn Lush'.
I don't have it up on etsy yet, but will soon!
The  price will be $20.00

Cosmos teacup and saucer,

I am thinking I better get the last October Flower of the Month,
into a blog, before it is no longer October!

Cosmos are such pretty, cheerful flowers.
They come in a large variety of colors.

I'm not sure why this flower has been chosen for October,
as I think of fall flowers as more in the oranges, yellows, reds.
Well, I'm not the expert here, so let's just enjoy this lovely flower!

double white cosmos

In the Victorian Language of Flowers,
the cosmos consistently stands for


pillow cover with cosmos,

I found cosmos in yellow, pink, hot pink, white, purple, orange...
seems like the list pretty much covered the rainbow!

 Not really what I would consider 'peaceful' flowers!!!

Perhaps you have been wondering -
'What is all this about the Language of Flowers? Huh?'
Great question!

Royal Albert china tea cup, October month flower - cosmos
part of a series.

There are some great resources available on the topic on the internet.
I would 'google' Victorian Language of Flowers.
Here are some highlights from a few different sources that I found:

The Society of American Florists has compiled a list of flowers with their meanings.
I have found this to be pretty much the same as other sites, although not exact.
There are a few differences, which is why it is always a good idea to look at several different sources.

Teleflora, a flower delivery company, has some information, a bit more in depth.
One problem is they really only want to promote flowers that can be sent in a bouquet or plant! Of course, that is their business. No problem.
Just keep it in mind.

leedom gallery

A fun web site that carries all things Cecily Mary Barker is:

If that doesn't work, just 'google' Cecily Mary Barker, and you will find many many things about her and her beautiful flower fairies.
Not only did she accurately portray different flowers,
she made up little verses and poems to go with each one!

One thing to remember -

We may have current names that are different than the common names some flowers had during Cecily Mary Barker's life. If you can't find your flower,
look up 'other names for --------' filling in the blank
with the specific flower you are looking for. Ain't the worldwide web super?!

a little history -
During the Victorian era, there were very strict rules and regulations, protocol and manners laid out for all to adhere to.
Emphasis the word strict.
Emotions were a strong taboo.
In fact, during this time, it was considered 'unseemly' for a wife to express happiness or satisfaction with anything to do with (
Today in American movies it seems the exact opposite!
Modern period movies that show Victorian era young ladies
kissing their beaus
is so NOT right! It was an unusual thing if the two had even held hands
before the engagement!

So how was a fella' to let his beloved (of the moment) know
what his true emotions were?
The Language of Flowers!

a set of ATC tags, by
(ATC : Artist Trading Card, about the size of a business card)

In the Victorian era, flowers were everywhere!
You would find flowers in clothing, jewelry, china, wallpaper, hair accessories, bonnets, furniture, carriages, home decor items, writing papers
and more!!
That's a lot of flowers.

a field of Cosmos'

and so we have flower symbolism...
Each flower had a meaning, an intent, a message.
Even scents of flowers could be interpreted with secret meanings.
Now think -
*whole lotta' flowers
*can't express emotions or feelings
*giving flowers was acceptable during this strict era.

What started out to be a simple way to express forbidden and unspoken feelings
became a floral nightmare!
Perhaps in one city, sending a red carnation meant
Now in a city a hundred miles away, a red carnation meant
"my heart aches for you'.
Okay, let's try sending some roses.
City #1 - pink rose means "friendship".
City #2 - pink rose means "perfect happiness".
oops. That could cause some misunderstood problems!
Some clever people decided to publish handbooks all about flowers, and what they meant, including the different scents and meanings of these flowers.

The first book written on flower symbolism in modern times, was
Le Language des Fleurs by Madame Charlotte de la Tour,
published in 1819.

Only we have several different authors that might have slightly different meanings, or completely new meanings.
What to do?
Well, there were certain books that became more popular.
Then there were just a few that were popular,
ending with Kate Greenaway's handbook
The Language of Flowers as the most popular one;
 the one most frequently referred to.

A page from Kate Greenaway's book,
with some of her illustrations that were found throughout the book.
You can still find copies of her books on etsy and e-bay.

published in 1820

a page from one of Kate Greenaway's illustrated books

I hope this has helped you understand a bit better
the language of flowers.
Wouldn't it be fun to send a bouquet to someone,
using the language of flowers to send a message!
You would have to send an interpretation however.
Here is an example of a vintage postcard -

I tried to make it a bit bigger to read, so sorry it is a little blurry!

orange cosmos

yellow cosmos bangle,

These flowers look like cosmos to me,
although they could probably represent several different kinds of flowers.
Enjoy coloring them any color you can imagine!

For today's Halloween paper doll, I will just have a one-pager.
I'm kinda' wordy today, aren't I? 
a pug and her closet of costumes

time to close, for today.

I would LOVE to see pix of your costumes!!!

Word of the day:


Take a peek at my treasuries, gathered from stores on etsy!

Here is a great youtube of Phil Keaggy and his guitar music:

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