Monday, October 3, 2011

Mermaid Musings on a Monday


(Bhutan for Hello)

a recycled junk mail bottlecap magnet by inkspired
sold on Saturday!!!

Yes, it's true.
I actually sold a few things at the Adams County Fairground Craft Fair.
I am trying to remain positive,
it was actually a bummer of a craft fair.
I was placed in the second, much smaller building.
That's okay, you get to know those around you
 and it can feel much more friendly.
the sponsors of the fair neglected to post ANY signs
directing traffic to our building.
The main, larger building seemed to have much much more traffic.
(several people reported)
Well, as any craft fair vendor will tell you,

recycled bottlecap magnet by inkspired

A single sign placed on the door that says
'more crafts'
is not really going to get people to come see what's up.
It was a very good learning experience.
I saw some fabulous displays.
Lots of very creative people.
Met many very nice crafters.

"Blue Hair with Pearls" Collage Art Doll using all recycled paper

My FABULOUS all-day helper was

brought us lunch, soda,
and some encouragement.

"Blue Lagoon" Collage Art Doll
using all recycled junk mail
by inkspired

Of course, the danger of going to craft fairs - vendor or not
is buying other crafters' stuff!!!
I succumbed.

We did purchase a very nice quilted polar fleece blanket/dog cushion for
The Tanner.

The vendor was just behind me all day, and she was very nice.
Her blankets were great!
After the show she surprised me with a gift
of a leash cover; blue with multi-colored dog paws all over it.
I haven't tried it out yet,
but I know Tanner will be super spiffy and the envy of all the neighbor dogs!

The other items I purchased are for gifts
so nothing more to be said!

Collage Art Doll made from all recycled junk mail by inkspired

Oh! Oh!
I should mention that ALL my unframed
Collage Art Dolls
are on a super discount sale
for the month of October!

Each unframed CAD is only
$15 each


"Mermaid Fashionista"
unframed Collage Art Doll by inkspired

I have decided that this needs to be a 'Mermaid Monday'.
I purchased the neatest (American slang for really cool) collage mermaid on etsy.

"sleeping mermaid" by

I purchased a couple more of her collages for gifts.
Wow, does this woman have talent!
Her collages are very different from mine,
don't you think?

"Long and Lean" Collage Art Doll by inkspired

I have changed the settings on my blog!
You can now easily leave comments

This makes it much easier for you to leave me feedback!
Send me a favorite poem or quote!
Let me see your favorite recipes!

If you note in the comment that it is okay,
I will be happy to post as many as I can!
See your name in
inkspiredmusings' blog!!!!!

oooh, ahhh.  oooh, ahhh.

recycled bottlecap magnet with all recycled junk mail by inkspired!

Time for a little mermaid fun!

Coloring fun -
stained glass look Little Mermaid from Dover Books

a little mermaid humor -

vintage illustration

Some mermaid hippie art -

"Marisa Mermaid"

some cross stitch mermaid crafting -

and let's finish with just a bit of mermaid Tattoo Art -

Thanks for listening to my Craft Fair Tirade.
I really can't end without thanking
my most wonderful husband
who patiently puts up with my last minute jitters,
goes to the office supply store the night before
to pick up some things I have forgotten,
runs to the credit union to get cash for my money box,
gets up at 6am to help me do last minute stuff,
follows me to the Craft Fair and helps unload all my things,
(Did you notice this was all BEFORE 7am?)
shows up at the end of the Fair to help me load all my things,
and generally for just being an all around super duper person!

I also want to thank my most patient son
who had just moved two days before,
and still got up and arrived at my house
BEFORE 7am!!!
He was a great help in unloading my stuff at the fairgrounds.
He has always been very supportive of my art,
which is just such a huge gift on his part!
(He also thinks I'm slightly crazy, but oh well!)

I almost forgot to thank
who helped me get my things ready for the Fair,
and stuffed many a plastic bag with art and descriptions and business cards.
Saved me loads of time!

Well, before this gets too goopy, I better sign off!
I hope you have enjoyed some Mermaid sightings today!


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