Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marigold is a Flower of the Month for October

greetings earthlings

('hello' in Area 51 alien-speak)

Golden Flower Fairy Collage Art Doll ooak
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wonderful splashes of rich color
blooms during the winter if you're lucky!
will re-seed itself
they're edible!

Marigolds are one of two flowers for the month of October.
The other, lesser known is the Cosmos. I will do a blog on just Cosmos later, as it is one of my favorite flowers in a garden.
Today - Marigolds!

Some early Christian groups called this flower 'Mary's gold', and would place this flower next to statues of Mary, mother of Jesus.

Safari Queen red Marigolds

Marigolds come in different varieties and colors.
I had never heard of 'Marsh Marigolds' until researching for this blog!
Here are some pretty yellow Marsh Marigolds:

marsh marigolds

Marigolds signify affection and grace -

according to the Birthday Month flowers, teleflora.

Marigolds are also called 'Calendulas'.
I'm not sure why the two names, maybe you can find out!

According to different Victorian Language of Flowers books,
the common Marigold means
Pretty love

This is a case of "you better know the sender" to be able to translate the flower posies that contain Marigolds!
Actually, Marigolds don't really do well after cutting, so it would have to be an Express Messenger to give a posy with Marigolds.

Think you're getting the hang of the Victorian Language of Flowers?

According to the Society of American Florists,
collected from many different sources, the Marigold means

Desire for riches!


vintage Art Deco plate

One of the most popular books on flower symbolism during the Victorian Era
is Kate Greenaway's

"Language of Flowers"

published in 1884, it remains a major resource today.
a page with Kate Greenaway's illustrations and verse

If pesticide-free Marigolds are available to you
(growing your own is very easy)
they are edible!
What a pretty addition to a spinach salad!
Mix them in with a mixed lettuce salad to add a zip of color.

edible Lemon Gem Marigolds

Marsh Marigolds

frosted and sugared marigolds

vintage playing cards available at http://www.antiquewhimsy.etsy.com/ 

I think this next photo would be pretty as a Fall computer background scene:

These next graphics are for layouts.
That could be for a scrapbook page,
a party invitation
etc.....whatever you would like to use them for!

and for those late night book readers -
however, I have not read this book, so tell me how it is!

You can now leave comments VERY EASILY!
No sign-ups.
No special requirements.

Here is another book, this one available on etsy:

Disco Marigolds

Next is a great embroidery pattern for the Month of October Flowers -

Notice both Marigolds and Cosmos.

Well, it is time for me to go HIT THE LAUNDRY PILE!
Probably put some in the washing machine too....
I saved this next photo for last.
It is way cool in my opinion!

Have a super Marigold Day!


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