Thursday, October 13, 2011

A day for preparing for Halloween Festivities


that's fake ghost speak for...
anything you want it to be!

Today I want to celebrate the FUN in Halloween.
Charlie Brown and Snoopy type FUN.
Cute little cat FUN.
Dressing up as FUN characters.

Do I believe in ghosts and witches and flying brooms?
Do I believe in witchcraft?
yep, with a 'but'.
G-d is the only final authority on this world.
There may be evil beings, and evil people doing evil things
but G-d will always triumph.
Much to their dismay.

So can evil scare me?
It can startle me however!
Why am I not scared, or participate in 'evil' scary things?
Because I have the LORD Jesus Christ as my Saviour,
with His Holy Spirit dwelling in me.
He sits at the right hand of G-d,
and rules heaven and earth.
So in other words....I know the Boss and the Boss loves me!
Why would I want to portray anything else?
How can anything really scare me? (see the Boss line above!)

Does G-d allow evil things to happen?
I am not a theologian, who delight in that type of questioning.
I just know G-d's promises,
and that He is faithful to His Word.
I know that Light will always conquer dark.
Right will always conquer wrong.

Kind of a heavy way to start a blog about FUN!!
I just wanted you to know where I am coming from.
So can I have FUN if ghosts, witches and bony things are involved?
yep - as long as it is done in FUN!

(p.s. I am spelling the name of Jehovah "G-d" in respect to my Jewish friends)

and I'm pretty sure that dancing skeletons are fun!!

and so is a 'Ghoulie',
compliments of Dover books:
nope! Because it is so silly looking!
and fake.

So let's have a jolly Halloween time!!!

"Where there is no
there is no

- Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.


"Ghosts, like ladies,
never speak till spoke to."

-Richard Harris Barham

part of a 1903 song sheet cover

I have to play a little catch up because I told you I would have a paperdoll a day until the end of October.
oops.....forgot yesterday!
So today we will have at least 2!

thank you to OrigamiBears for sharing some of her paper dolls.

vintage illustrations

I LOVE this series of moustaches that Girlontherocks made.
Her shop is on etsy:

I'm not sure she is still making these,
but she might if we asked!

Her moustaches just crack me up!!
I have more I'll share later!

Next up is a cute little cat pin.
Make it up in shades of the rainbow from felt.
I have made many of these, and they work up very quickly.
You can add beads for kitty's features,
but NOT if there is a small child involved, of course.
I usually just embroider the features with thread.
Sew a small safety pin on the back.
Be sure you sew it on so it is easily opened and closed!

I believe these patterns came out of one of Sandra Lounsbury Foose's books.
If you haven't purchased any of her books,
I have all of them except one, which is on quilting.
I plan to buy it, and use it for paper quilting,
just haven't done it yet.

Cheryl makes the most adorable finger puppets. Her shop is on etsy:

verrrrry creative! know, sometimes you just have to have the finger puppet
do all the talking...

You could also make up that bunny pattern above,
by Sandra Lounsbury Foose,
fairly quickly-
only add some sharp (felt) teeth,
and just a dab of red paint.....
It's a killer bunny!!!

(check out Monty Python's 'Search for the Holy Grail' movie,
if this does not make sense to you!)

Yes, I think it is that sad time when I have to do other things besides blog.
Have a FUN day!


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