Thursday, October 20, 2011

Budget Costume Ideas with Halloween quotes and paperdolls

Let's party!

movie still from "Enchanted"
(and one of my favoritest!)

I want to explore some more costume ideas
and of course,
free Halloween paperdolls!

Betsy McCall vintage paperdoll

Why don't you draw some more costume masks for Betsy?

fancy fancy from a carnival

"The best the good world has to give,
The best that ever has been
I wish for you
dear little friends
On merry Halloween."

- vintage verse


Here - another idea for a Hawaiian dancer,
or a South Pacific dancer.

Let's be Hawaiian Tourists!!!

That should give you tons of ideas for the Hawaiian themes!

Remember, you don't have to copy exactly one idea for a costume.
Take bits and pieces, see what you have in your closet,
what you can borrow....
Make your costume YOURS!!!

Tarzan and Jane

Tarzan, Jane, Boy and Cheeta

Let's see if we can't come up with some great
Group costumes look absolutely FAB when you enter all together!

Elmo Lincoln (Tarzan) and Enid Markey (Jane)
 silent, black and white Tarzan movie...
notice the others in the group shot!

World War II era

late 1950's era western wear

Some hints:
Take a jean skirt and masking tape, or use a running stitch to attach ball fringe from an old tablecloth or curtains.
You can use the same type fringe or just plain fringe to sew down the sides of a pair of jeans or sweat pants for the cowboy.
The more exaggerated, the funnier.
Try to find a BIG belt buckle, or make one from fun foam that will fit over an existing belt buckle. Add those steer horns!
A bandanna tied around the neck is a must - why not make them matching?

Duo Costumes are always fun!

Alien Heads from Star Trek, the original!

Girls, don't expect your Guy is going to be ecstatic about wearing tights.
Try sweat pants instead!!!

Another good duo:


Of course, if she wants to be a princess instead, that's cool!

Don't forget the page boys, the standard bearer (holds the 'flag'),
the ladies in waiting with the king's/prince's men,
the ROYAL milk maid, butcher, baker, candlestick maker...
the evil king
or the evil queen,
the jester.....

Now, really look at the sheet music cover...

Romeo and Juliet Barbie, c. 1998

Here is a wonderful vintage (1889) illustration of the Queen of Hearts.
An accompanying Knave would be fun....

"There are nights
when the wolves are silent
and only the moon

- George Carlin

New England, USA fall foliage

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Time for me to close now.
I think (h0pe) that my migraines and headaches are giving me a rest for the day.
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So, hopefully only one more, or two dentist appts. still.
3 week countdown to my Craft Fair
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