Friday, October 14, 2011


That's child-speak for 'I can scare my mom and dad, ha-ha'.

vintage comic book cover

Are you thinking Halloween/Harvest Party costumes yet?
Does your work suggest you dress up for the day?
I will be featuring ideas for costumes!

Hip Hip Hurray!!

I am a BIG proponent of making your own Halloween costumes.
If you're going to a Harvest Festival instead, just substitute that for Halloween, every time I mention Halloween. Just makes things easier.

Make sure you have a BIG moustache, and you are
Pancho Villa!!

You will need:
1 striped poncho....or substitute striped blanket
1 large moustache.....if not available, get a stick-on one at the party store
1 pair brown sweat pants.....or one pair brown/dark jeans
1 XXXL men's brown belt,criss cross over shoulders (depending on size of person),
           or to criss cross around the waist to simulate a gun belt
1 BIG hat, preferably a sombrero....or adapt a ladies straw brimmed hat
        add stripes with colored duct tape, add a hat band and
you're done!


A Boy Scout!

or Cub Scout, or Girl Scout...
you will need:

1 pair men's shorts, solid color, green preferred
1 button down short sleeved shirt, solid color, green preferred
1 red handkerchief to tie around the neck
1 handkerchief holder (I forget the real name)a very small child's ring works great
several press-on embroidered type patches - go to Goodwill
1 belt, with one canteen attached
anything else that you would like to attach to the belt - be creative!
1 pair (green preferred) knee socks
1 pair shoes - preferably brown or black
Go to ARC and find a canvas hat.
      You can find the canteen there also,  or go to a military store.
           We have one in Old Town Arvada.
adapt for GIRL SCOUT

vintage Betsy McCall paper doll

Kids should love this next one, as long as they like getting dirty!
I think of this one as either/or boy/girl.

I'm not going to break this one out, as you can see from the picture you just need dark/black clothes (sweats are a Halloween staple), and a 'broom'.
Wouldn't one of those swishy ones, like a specialy Swiffer broom, look similar, if you get it black? Or an old wood/bristle push broom about 8" wide.
For the hat use an old baseball cap.
You can always pin a picture of Mary Poppins on your breast.
Here is a very modern take by Frey on the old tale of Dracula & his Partner in Crime, of the vampire variety:

Again, I bet you have most of this stuff in your attic/basement.
I know you can find tacky silk shirts at the Salvation Army!
How about a shepherd girl, and/or a shepherd boy?
You will need:
a full skirt, just below the knees
a white apron
a scarf to tie around your waist, or a wide belt
a shepherd's crook - be creative! Think inexpensive cane with a foil 'hook',
           covered in dark brown pantyhose
1 peasant type blouse
shoes and socks are up to you to match!
Are you dreaming COSTUME yet?
Are you thinking of where you could go to a second hand/used shop?
Come on, don't putz out and go to that pricey Costume Shop.
I never had a store-bought costume the whole time I trick or treated,
or went to Halloween parties.
For one thing, we didn't have the money for that kind of silliness.
For another thing, both my parents were incredibly creative.
I think some rubbed off on me....

c. 1908
Time to brush up on your cowboy songs!
Get those sweat pants out, some fun foam cut into fringe & Aleene's No Sew Glue
Borrow your guy's rope - they all have some kind of it!
or a clothesline
Go to Goodwill for:
a beaded belt, or beaded scarf to go around the waist
a BIG hat, preferably western/cowboy
some jingle bells to sew onto a silver piece of ribbon,
and tie around your shoes, under your instep. (Spurs!!)
western shirt

ooohhhh, I can see it already....

Here is a vintage piece of sheet music, with a great CowGirl illustration to inspire all you Cow Girls out there...

An embroidered shirt would look great too.
Get out that fun foam and a pair of plain gardening gloves to make a great pair of roping gloves,
if you don't happen to have any.
Well, since it is late in the day here, I will close for now.
I have TONS more costume ideas for you;
and Halloween paper dolls.



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