Friday, September 9, 2011

vintage song sheets graphics - flowers and cottages


Today I will just be sharing pictures with you of vintage song sheet covers.
I think I slept on my hand wrong, and my wrist is hurting.
I use my wrist/hand when typing.
So, less typing today!


I have chosen pretty scenes with flowers and cottages mostly.
I hope you enjoy them.





You may be wondering - so here are some vintage pictures. What can I do with them? Check out my past blogs for things like decoupage and budget crafts. You will find some ideas there.



If you 'copy' and 'save picture as', there may be many things you can do with programs already on your computer to manipulate colors, cropping,etc. I am NOT a computer savvy person, so I let my beloved husband set those things up for me. He then patiently shows me the basics, and I go from there! I always make a copy of the picture first, and work on the copy. That way if I make BIG mistakes, I haven't lost my original.




Perhaps you have been wondering what the "" means?
That is the date that this song, with this cover, was published.
Some songs may have been written previously, or the music had been published, but with a different cover. That means that sometimes you will have a song (music and song writer) that may have different publishing dates, or the same cover, only the picture added is of different current and popular singers of the day.
These next song sheet covers are of the same song, published in the same year.
Each is different!


and here are two more, same singers, only different pictures of her!

You can print or in your editing program cut out just the photos. You have some wonderful vintage people then to use in your altered art, etc.!
Just think, you could find an entire photo album of your long lost 'relatives'!




And just a reminder - you can find these song sheet covers at the Indiana Library of Music. The address is on the right of my blog, up at the top, under my favorites. They must have thousands of original copies. They have many that do not have the graphics, just the music. Some of the graphics/song sheets are still copyrighted, so you can look at them but you can't copy or paste them.
Have fun!


After giving my hand a rest today, I should be back and running (typing that is) tomorrow!


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