Friday, September 30, 2011

A Pink Elephant Parade


I have been preparing for my craft fair


No, I will not panic.
No, I will not panic.
No, I will not panic.

I have needed to be brief in my last few blogs
(Really? Is that possible for me to do?)

Today I would like to share with you one of my treasuries
that I have put together on etsy.
None of my shop's items are allowed to be listed.
It is a fun way to support etsy,
support other shopsellers on etsy,
and day dreaming shopping!

Apparently blogspot today does not want to underline
 and put in blue all of my links.
Sorry, it's really not me!
So you will have to look just a bit harder to find the links.
It's worth it however!

Here is a direct link:

"Pink Elephant Parade"

Rondy the Elephant can fly by

I have just taken little thumbnails of each item
(there are 16 items in each treasury).
To really see the actual item go see the pix on etsy.
Those pictures will be larger, and usually you have an option
for several different views of the listing.

Love Elephant pattern by

vinyl wall art by

I like pink elephants, I think they are fun!
I love real elephants, and hope to actually touch one, one day.

I just love that Elephant Tea Set! Really, really fun kitschy!

needlefelted trio by

nursery decor print by

When was the last time you watched Disney's DUMBO?
Wonderful movie.
If you have kids, or have access to them, gather a group together
Of course, part of the night will be spent watching DUMBO!

You should have pink elephant ice cream
with some pink tinted cake.
Get one of these vintage cake topppers for it:

vintage plastic cake toppers by

You can pass out special party favors, perhaps like this one:

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour into DUMBO fantasy!
And remember, if you see a pink elephant
and it's not on the tv,
you might need to go to bed and get some rest!!


Don't forget, you can comment now very easily on my blog!
I'd love to hear your thoughts,
share you pictures
and try out some of YOUR yummy recipes!

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