Thursday, September 8, 2011

My silent International Friends


My blog has now had over 70,000 pageviews since around May, 2011.
I am amazed.
I am humbled.
I am very happy!

I still can't believe it, and check back almost daily to make sure
 I read those numbers right!
and they keep growing....

Today I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you that are interested
in what I might have to say. I truly am humbled.
Guess I better check spelling more carefully!

bottlecap magnet art by
graphics by revidevi, etsy

I would like to mention, and add some fun things in along the way,
all the different countries that visited my blog in the last 5 months.
that's a big list, so I will have to split it up.

Yes, Michael,
I will not write a book.
I will not write a book.
I will not write a book.

I may not put these in exact alphabetical order,
so don't panic if your country doesn't come up next!
I'll get to you!

We covered BRAZIL yesterday.

Next we have the NETHERLANDS.

2 Dutch children. Use for embroidery, coloring pages, or paper dolls!

Here is a big THANKS to JAPAN.


I am getting ready to include the Czech Republic in a future blog,
so I have lots of lovely photos and info for you, at a later time.
The Czech and USA flag

Cesky Krumlov Czechoslovakia by Paul Gyer

Up next is TURKEY.
Thank you Turkey, for your support!

These are from a booklet of Middle Eastern Country Paper Dolls.
As you see, this includes many other nations also.
It includes another country that has followed me -
Here is a costume set from the above paper doll set:

To finish for today, let's give a big cheer for CANADA!

Canada, in Epcot, DisneyWorld, Florida, USA

Feel free to leave a comment, and NOT be a silent International Friend!!!

I have recently made a few new treasuries on etsy.
Check them out!

No Mom, I'm NOT wearing white shoes....after Labor Day!

The softer side of Fall

A Wood Fairy's Home



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