Saturday, September 3, 2011



(that's chicken talk, have no idea what it means)


Happy National Chicken Month
September 1 - 30

There are many National Month of Sept. holidays.
I picked CHICKEN today because they are so silly.

a quin gold chicken, by Amy Hautman

When I go to the state or county fairs, I love to pop into the 'chicken' house and look at all the different varieties of chickens and roosters.
They almost always have a large incubator with baby chicks hatching.
I think everyone should see at least once in their life
a baby chick hatching.

You have to beware however
there are imposters....


 I found this great page of chicken silhouettes.
Why not cut out a bunch and
grab some red checkered paper
(some restaurants have it for their baskets.
Ask if you can have a few clean sheets!).
You could also recycle a picnic tablecloth.

Grab some plain white cardstock and envelopes.
Cut or tear a square of checkered paper that will fit onto the front of the card.

Glue down.
I like to leave my edges loose/tattered, so I glue about 1" - 1 1/2" from the edge.

Place one of your chicken papercuttings in the middle,
or to one side
or to one side with room for a greeting.

Quick and super easy.

These cards could be:

Thinking of You
Missed you at the church potluck
Get well, here's some Chicken Soup
Happy Birthday...from one old cluck to another
invitation for dinner
invitation for a BBQ
or whatever you think of!


a chickens of the world poster

We can't have chickens without roosters, now can we?
Many of the vintage songsheets and posters call a rooster a
Anyone know why?
Let me know!
You can always leave a message at the bottom in the comments section.



I'm sorry, I don't have time to type in the chicken recipe I have chosen.
I will get it to you in another blog session.
So, let's do some coloring and puzzles!

I did find this funky birdhouse:

or how about this punk chicken?!!!

'Punk Chicken' from

Here are a couple of vintage cards, more along the line of Easter:

Some more vintage songsheet covers -
don't forget to check Indiana U's web site, on the right.


from the Follies of 1910

Next up is a painting by one of my favorite Chinese artists,
Mr. Ou Lang

Here are two more paintings done by Chinese artists:

note the cherry blossoms!

I'm pretty sure those are squash blossoms behind the chickens.

a cochin rooster

a vintage booklet

Next is some questionable candy...
does anyone remember ever eating this?
It doesn't sound very good to me by the name!

interesting ad promotion however!!

Well, it's getting time I need to leave you.
My husband and I are going out for breakfast this morning,
and it's already 10am!
I'm hungry.


I bet this little chick is glad the big ol' dog isn't hungry!

Saint Bernards - great dogs if they're not overbred.

A chicken maze -

and let's go out with a bang!

'Chicken Conga' by Delilah Smith

I love that painting!

Remember, go out for lunch/dinner and search for that free red checkered paper!


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