Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Independence Day to Brazil!


(pronounced 'o-la', Spanish for Hello)

Christ over the City of Rio de Janeiro

Today is National Independence Day for Brazil.

feliz día de la independencia

I hope I got that right!
I went to a web site that will translate words and phrases from English into Spanish,
and Spanish into English.
You know, you never feel quite confident since you really don't speak the language.
That would be a wicked hacker thing though...

Brazil travel map

I thought we might learn just a little about Brazil today.
The country is famous for it's spectacular waterfalls,
the Amazon River (largest in the world)
The Rio De Janeiro Carnival
the Brazilian Soccer Team
and it's beaches.

Cococabana Beach, Brazil

Following three centuries of rule under Portugal,
Brazil became an independent nation in 1822
and a republic in 1889.

One thing I learned in just browsing about Brazil -
soccer is big.
Being a non-sports person, I kinda' knew that, but not really?
Now I know!

Brazil will be hosting the World Cup in 2016.

I bet the beaches will be crowded!
Here's a photo of the beach at Rio de Janeiro
without all the soccer fans!


The Iguazu Falls are truly impressive. I would like to see them someday.

Here are some interesting facts,
by Claudio Da Silva, July/2011 found at:
Brazil holds 53% of the source of fresh water available in South America.
Brazil holds 11.6% of the fresh water surface of the world,
placing it among one of the world giants in terms of internal water.
Brazil has one of the biggest lakes of the planet - Lagoa dos Patos.
92% of households have accessibility to drinking water.
Even with great availability, there is a shortage of drinking water in some places.
Only 37% of households are connected to sewer collection pipelines.
the Amazon river

The rivers of Brazil are responsible for 51% of the water consumption in Brazil.
30 Million inhabitants (out of 150 million) do not receive treated water.

Mr. Da Silva continues:

Sewage is Brazil's #1 threat to itself, and also to the world's oceans.
92% of the Brazil's sewage is launched into rivers and into the sea
without any treatment.
I found this next bit just horrifying:
DAILY Brazil launches 10 billion liters of sewage directly into rives and sea.

Brazil has made some strides -
there is about 10% of the cities adopting some kind of sewage treatment.

Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

Now for a few 'more fun' facts!

Sao Paulo is the largest city of Brazil,
and is the capital of the state of Sao Paulo.
This city is the seventh largest metro area in the world!!!

Guaraja Beach, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is quite famous for the tallest buildings in Brazil,
Fashion events, such as Sao Paulo Fashion Week,
and is the most populous city in the Americas!!!

Math quiz - work it out!
Sao Paulo has an area 1,523 square kilometers
and an estimated population of about
11,037,593 people living in the city.

So, how many people is that per square kilometer?

After you figure it out, let me know!

a woman in Salvador

I like the city's "Motto of Sao Paulo":

"I am not led, I lead"


another photo of Iguazu Falls

So, Happy Independence Day, Brazil!

frog, the Amazon


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