Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting ready for a Craft Fair

Hi y'all!
Today I am trying to take hold of and be in control concerning my upcoming Craft Fair. It is at a county fairgrounds (Adams, for those of you in the area) with 250 booths. WHAT!!!
This will be the largest venture I have tried.

Adams County Fairgrounds 22nd Annual Fall Festival Bazaar

Saturday, October 1
9 - 4

sponsored by the Adams County Historical Society

This is a picture of what the table looks like when I make recycled bottlecap magnets, using all junk mail for the pictures and phrases.
Michael has a short tolerance for messes,
so I have to clean up every day or two if I'm lucky!

What? It's a kitchen table and that's where we have to eat?
We can be couch potatoes and eat in the family room!
maybe that's not very family-like!

one of my recycled junk mail bottlecaps, with a very sturdy magnet on the back

I have pretty much organized all my bottlecap magnets
and all my domino handpainted/stamped magnets.

This is a photo from last year's Senior Center Craft Fair, Brighton, Colorado.
I sold many santa stockings with hand made yoyo embellishments.

On the bottom Left corner of the first photo -those are word sets of my magnets
made from an Art Nouveau alphabet,
resized, tweaked, resized some more, spoken stern words to;
then I print them out, and hand color each letter with art pens mostly.
Very detailed work, and I just love doing the coloring!
I have posted several of these magnets, so I will just do one or two today:

It's nice to have one part for the Craft Fair ready to go.

I also do bottlecap ribbons that spell out words.
I finish with more ribbons, and if I do say so myself, they look really pretty.
Tell me what you think!
Latin for 'peace'

No, I have no idea why blogspot has turned this one on it's side.

I really need to finish up many more.
I have the sets all gathered, I just need to do the ribbon/bow part.

and I'm having a little jewerly party at my house Friday.
that's tomorrow.

Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'

so there's finish the blog, check back with teamcac for an answer to questions submitted, let the dog in, drop off a check at the Adams County Historical building,
figure out a menu for the party, buy food for the party, let the dog out, COMPLETELY clean the family room, kitchen area, eating area, and probably the bathroom too. Oh, and the floor and the carpet.
I need to finish up bottlecap ribbons, finish up with some bottlecap magnets, go to XPedX to buy plastic bags, let the dog in, figure out some way to hang the papel picado banners I want to sell, get out my 3panel display board and get it all set up with jewelry and Collage Altered Dolls, let the dog out, get the $$ for my money box, make sure my calculator has the right paper in it, give Tanner his pills, let the dog in, get out my display forms and figure out what jewelry goes where, put price tags on everything, print and cut out more business cards, make sure my help is in place, check to see if I need more help, arrange lunch for the day,
oh dang, I better just get to it!

You know, lists can be very helpful to get organized.
Or they can be so crushing that it's time to go to Dairy Queen
for a Pecan Mudslide.
That's DQ ice cream, caramel sauce, hot fudge sauce and lots of pecans.
My favorite.

Guess I better close for today and go do some things on my list!

or use the comment box on my blog!

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