Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Fall Craft Fair and scattered brains

Greetings, earthling!

(random Alien 'hello')

Today I am in a finish up mood.
The house is a wreck - seriously needs attention.
I have been picking up paper stuff mainly,
so far.

Those darn stacks of papers -
you can't throw them away because sure thing,if you do,
there will be an important bill or a check or something in the middle of it.
I have been throwing away magazines and catalogs from last year!
Yeah, pat on back!!

I am getting ready for a Craft Fair.
This is a new one to me, held at the
Adams County Fairgrounds
on October 1.
9:00 - 4:00
Come by and say hi!

That means
1. I'm terrified!
2. I have to organize my crafts and jewelry.
3. I have to figure out how to display the items for sale.
4. I want to make some more items to be sold.
(check out the making bottlecaps scene above)
5. I need to repair or re-glue anything that needs a little help.
6. I have to organize my craft room if I expect to be organized at all for the Show.
7. I have to print up price tags and affix them to most items.
8. I have to figure out how to package things, so they don't get damaged by being handled by possible customers.
9. I still need to recruit 1 or 2 persons to help me out i.e. carrying stuff in, set-up, doing sales and sales receipts, breaking down, repacking...+more!!
10. ...and probably at least 60 more things to do to get ready...
maybe even 85 things!
Okay, think calming thoughts...

That's me (not really), thinking calm thoughts,
or falling asleep.
Could be both...

The result for my blog?
My thoughts are pretty much on overtime right now,
so let's make a short blog today, shall we?
Yes, I really can!!!

Chimney Sweep Bert and Mary Poppins

I am laying out my finished bottlecap magnets now.
I organize them on pizza trays and cookie sheets,
as they are magnetic.
A magnet has come off, so I will re-glue that.

a recycled junk mail bottlecap magnet

Next up is to get out my Bottlecap Ribbons.
I have sold a good amount, so I'm not sure what I have left,
or what is in a 'making it' stage.

a series I am doing on "Peace" in different languages.
Custom work available.
Recycled bottlecap with hand colored Art Nouveau alphabet.

Now I need to get out my jewelry; it is scattered in a few different places.
Get out my displays, and match up what I want to put where
once I get to the Craft Fair set-up.
Oh yes, and find out how early that is!

an assortment of daisy chains I have made

Well, I guess instead of whining about all this,
I better get going!
Couldn't miss my blog though...

stamp by vivalasvegastamps:

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on my blog!!

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